What I got for my 22nd birthday!

Hello everyone!

Today I thought I'd show you the prezzies I received for my birthday. I've been sooo busy with being back at work and going to Liverpool over the weekend that I've only just got round to taking pictures!

The first thing I got off my Mum is this blazer. It's from Forever 21 and I absolutely love it. It's a boyfriend style rather than tailored, similar to my burgundy one I showed you in this haul post. I get loads of wear out of this kind of jacket because I wear them for work and everyday life. 

I also got this leopard print over sized jumper, also from Forever 21. I wore this on the weekend with some leggings Mum bought me to go with it. It's a really nice length and is toasty warm :)

Last from my Mum is this Selfridges voucher. I was going to spend it in Liverpool until I realised there isn't a Selfridges in Liverpool ... whoops. There's a huge £56 worth of monies on this bad boy... can't wait to buy me some makeup! 

My friends always buy me really thoughtful gifts and they always club together and buy me something as a team. It's so cute. 

This year, they bought me another Pandora charm for my bracelet, it's a peacock which they chose because it's unusual and green is my favourite colour. I love it!

They also bought me this Estee Lauder gift set which I have just broken into and painted my nails with Lowe Bite.

I'm really looking forward to using my first ever Estee lippy and reviewing it for you all! 

I had such a brilliant birthday this year (perhaps the best so far...) and I'm so grateful to everyone who bought me a gift, a card or even wished me a happy birthday! 

See you all next time, 
Leanne x
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