Room Tour!

Hello everyone!

Since I have finally posted Part.3 of my loft conversion progress, I'm now ready to show you my room tour! I have some pictures for you to look at and the video is at the end :) 

I ordered my bed from, it's by Bentley Designs and it's called the Antique Krystal Nickel Bed, see here. It makes such a statement and I've lusted after it for years and years, it's definitely my favourite piece of furniture in my room. I also bought a new mattress from Groupon as they always have really great deals. It was delivered for free and came vacuum packed. 

For wardrobes, I bought two the Dombas sets from Ikea. They were pretty cheap which I was glad about because they were hacked down to fit the size of the wall. I made them look prettier with handles which match the crystals on my bed, these are from B&Q.

I bought two pieces of desk furniture, first being the Malm dressing table which everyone seems to have but I totally understand why, it's very minimalist, although slightly over priced I think. I also bought a 5 draw Alex unit to store my makeup. Had I researched properly, I may have opted for this Linnmon/Alex desk as it would have been cheaper and offered more storage.... The chair is a Snille swivel chair which was pretty cheap and matches everything nicely. 

The little door is actually a hatch to access the wires etc behind the room. I put a handle on it to make it look a bit cuter!

Originally, I bought three Kallax units which was slightly excessive considering I made use of one and three quarters. The third one went back in exchange of a mirror. In some of the cubes I've stored books and in the three black boxes I have hair and skin care products. 

My Dad managed to make a lower two cube unit for my TV to go on top of because of the low walls I was struggling to decide where it could go. This was a pretty genius idea. He also made me a one cube unit from what was left over which I am using as a bed side table!

The last Ikea piece to fill up my room is this Koppang set of 3 draws. I was going to jazz it up with handles matching the wardrobes but since they're just plain black I thought they looked quite nice anyway. I was going to buy there Malm draws but I think these look just a little bit more fancy for only slightly more money. 

Just a quick last note, the lamp is also from Ikea but I don't think that stand is meant for the shade you can see in the picture because I had to do some DIY work to make it fit... nothing is simple. They were right next to each other though which is why it's so frustrating. 

If you'd like to watch my video you can do above of via this link.

Let me know what you think in the comments or if you have any questions, I will answer them :)

See you next time, 
Leanne x
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