A Chit Chat!

Hello Everyone!
How're you all doing?

I've just noticed that last month, October, I wrote a grand total of 6 posts. The most posts I've written in a month is 33. So, 6 is just not good enough. I knew when I went back to uni I wouldn't be able to write as much but I didn't think I'd just stop altogether either. I think it's a mixture of being back at uni, motivation and money really. I haven't been buying as much as usual because I've been spending money elsewhere, therefore I've had nothing new to talk about. When you write a beauty/review blog you have to have some sort of money for it otherwise you have nothing to talk about which is what's happened to me. That's why I kind of sneakily changed my blog to involve everything, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, reviews, and even just chats or recently I've written some programme reviews. 

I do have a few bits and bobs to tell you about as well just to catch up. Firstly, I turn 21 in January. I can't actually believe it, I still feel about 17. The doctor asked me how old I was the other day and when I said I was 20 we were both as socked as each other. I do not feel 20. It's so weird. To celebrate my birthday, Tom and I are going to Berlin! we're going for 4 days over my birthday and I'm really really really looking forward to it. I've never been to Germany although my mum and her family lived there for sometime when she was growing up, I've never been. I can also speak some basic German from learning it as part of my degree so I'm interested in putting that to the test. And from what I've heard from my Nana (lol) Germany does Christmas/New Year/ that time of year exceptionally well!

I'd actually like to vlog the whole trip but I don't vlog or make YouTube videos so I should get some practise in before the event. What do you think? Even if I don't vlog I'll definitely have pictures for the blog!

Secondly, I had green hair on Halloween. Yep, green hair. You may remember me having purple ombre way back in July and since then I've been maintaining it with the Directions dyes and I've been using the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. Do not do that. If you have any kind of colour in your hair, pink, purple, blue etc etc and you use that shampoo and conditioner to maintain your blonde stop using it. 

My hairdresser told me to get the purple out she'd just bleach all the bottom of my hair to lift it and that worked fine except all the purple turned green. It was horrific. The purple was nowhere to be seen just the grass green that my hair had turned.  I had no idea the shampoo and conditioner would be strong enough to make something like that happen even though she had washed my hair before putting the bleach on. She mentioned something about the 'blue molecule' I don't really understand it but yeah, I had green hair. She kept applying bleach and heat because luckily I have strong hair so there wasn't any damage caused. Eventually after 5 lots of bleach, a hair dye, two days in the hairdressers and £70 it came out. There is still a hint of green but I think it's because I know it was there that I can see it more. 

But all in all, it was a horrendous experience and I'll be staying away from the hairdressers for a while and I've told Tom that next time I want something crazy doing with my hair to just say no. 

Thirdly, I've actually been quite ill over the last few months, I think I've got some kind of chronic sinus issues. I've been to the doctors and they've referred me to a specialist who's going to properly look at my sinuses and hopefully provide me with a cure. I just get horrible headaches constantly and no pain medication works and even Sudafed doesn't work. I have good days with it where I can actually concentrate and get things done and some days I can't even bend down to pick something up off the floor without my head just pounding. It's really horrible but hopefully that'll be sorted soon and I can get back to my normal self! 

If anyone else had suffered with sinus problems let me know what works for you because I'm very interested! 

So yeah that's about it really, I'm going to Berlin, I had green hair and I've been really ill. Nice. 

I also made Hector a winter coat today... he looks so cute wearing it!

Hope you're all doing well!
Thanks for reading!
P.S. Has anyone been watching The Originals? I can't get enough of it!
P.P.S. Who has started their Christmas shopping? I have! Early bird catches the worm.


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