Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner!

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Recently I picked up the 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner (was there any need for it's title to have that many words?!) by Aussie. My hair had to endure tomato ketchup yes, I tried that, it didn't work incase you're wondering, 5 lots of bleach and a hair dye to get some green out when the removal of my purple went very wrong. For more info read THIS post. So I wisely picked up this little gem for when I next washed my hair. I was dreading trying to get a comb through it. But this really did work a treat.

First of all, it smells divine. To be honest, I wouldn't have bothered what it smelt like if it did the job but I'm just putting it out there... it smells lovely and bubble gummy and just like goodness!

It claims to 'transform dry, damaged hair in to manageable and shiny locks in just 3 minutes'. It uses 'Australian Balm Mint Extract' and has been referred to as the 'elixir of life'. Okay, I wouldn't call it the elixir of life but I would call it 'a bloody excellent hair conditioner when your hair's in a right state'. 

My technique for using this was to smother and I mean completely cover my hair in this. I didn't go right up to the roots because the bleach was only applied about half way down my hair to the ends so my roots really didn't need it. I applied it to dry hair then I wrapped it up in a towel and left it for about 40 mins. I can't comment on whether this is a 3 minute miracle treatment but I can vouch that it's an excellent 40 minute treatment... 

The reason I left it on for longer was because I thought my hair needed it and I'd made the effort to find something that's designed to be left in your hair for a while so I was definitely going to leave it there for as long as I could before getting fed up with it. I leave my normal conditioner on for about 3 minutes so I decided to leave this on and let it merrily work it's magic for longer. 

When I washed it off, my hair felt beautiful, it felt so smooth and nourished.. I know I'm using too many flowery adjectives here but I could genuinely tell that it had made a difference to my hair. My tangle teezer just glided right through without a problem and I'm so glad that I picked this up. I could also tell when I straightened my hair afterwards, my hair felt soft and looked shiny and healthy. It didn't leave a film or grease behind but you could see a lasting effect. Your hair doesn't even need to be exceptionally damaged for you to see a difference with this, even if it just needs a little pick-me-up, this would do the job. 

So, if you've piled on the bleach or even if you just fancy treating your hair, I'd highly recommend this product. It doesn't contain any hair altering properties like colour restoring or anything like that, it just hydrates and repairs damaged hair exceptionally well. I really don't mind singing it's praises because it saved my hair from looking like a mess! I love it! 

I hope that was helpful, this product gets an A* from me!
If you have any questions just leave them in the comments and I'll reply!

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