A Primark Haul! | Autumn/Winter 2013

Hello everyone!

Coming at you with a little Primark haul today! I bought these things about 2 weeks ago but it's just taken me a while to sort myself out, take the pictures and write the blog. I probably won't even finish this today if I'm being honest, I'm so easily distracted!  

So the first thing I picked up was this vest top thing. I feel like 'vest top' isn't the right word but you get what I mean. They had this in the 'wine' colour that I bought and a teal green colour. I have to admit I almost bought the teal colour once because green's my favourite colour and I feel cheated when I don't buy the green variation of something but I thought this deep red colour was just so damn pretty. Also, I never wear red so I thought it'd be a nice change for the Christmas season. I bought a red-ish dress on this shopping trip so it was an unusual day for me.

I wasn't sure what I'd look like in this because it looks like it wouldn't cover your whole stomach and I'm not the sort to go out with my belly on show so I was a but dubious. When I tried it on though it looked fine, it did cover my belly thankfully and it just hangs really nicely. The material and the v-neck are really flattering. With some high waisted hot pants or skinny jeans I think this will look really, really nice. I might even go back for the teal one as it was only £5.00!

Next, I picked up this Christmas/Winter skirt. I have a bit of an obsession with layering a wooly jumper over the top of a skirt at the moment. It looks really cute and with some black tights and the boots that I showed you in my last Primark haul. So, yeah, that's winter addition to my skirt collection.. lol I don't really have a collection.

Price: £8.00

For my friend's 21st Birthday Party I bought this burgundy coloured skater style dress. Something about Primark clothes especially things like dresses never seem to look right on me. I don't know what it is they just look funny. It may be the sizes, it might be my shape,  I have no idea. But I saw this dress and took a bit of a shine to it so I took at size 10 and 12 to try on. I'm a size 10 but I think the sizes run a bit small in Primark, that's why I took the 12 too. I really didn't think it'd look nice at all but I was really pleasantly surprised.

The size 10 actually fit really nice. It's quite tight fitting but tight in the right places, and it looked really smart and flattering. Not too formal for a birthday night out but smart enough so that you don't feel like you're trying to dress younger than what you are. Do you know what I mean? I think the high neck line was something a little different from what I usually wear and I just really enjoyed wearing it.

Although the dress has sequins and sparkles you could definitely dress it down with a scarf and some boots for day time wear so I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can do with this dress. They also had it in a navy blue colour with was also really nice.

Price: £13.00

To pair with my dress, I bought this chunky necklace. It's made of silver and dark grey metal with some large gems or whatever you'd like to call them. As the dress I wore was just one block colour with quite a high neck line I thought a bigger and more bold necklace would break it up a bit and add some extra sparkle! I love this necklace but if you're one of them who jumps up and down a lot when you're dancing your ass off...watch your face, it will get you!

Price: £5.00

And that's everything I bought from Primark. Well that's a lie actually, I also bought some 120 denier tights but who wants to see a pair of boring black tights?! They are lovely to wear if you're wondering and they were £3.00.

So that's all folks!
Thanks for reading, see you next time.


  1. All those things look really lovely! I was in the primark near me recently and there was nothing as nice as those things, it can be so hit and miss!

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean, it's so annoying they should try to be more consistent lol x

  2. I brought the wine colour top too - i think £5 is such good value! there are some really nice bits in primark at the moment x



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