Yankee Candle winter scents haul/review!

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We all love a festive candle to see us through the winter months, don't we? In my opinion you can't beat Yankee Candles, I know they're pricy for something you're just going to burn away but when you're sat in a room full of your favourite scent, I think you'll agree that it's money well spent.

I have the scents 'Black Cherry', 'Spiced Orange' and 'Cranberry Ice'. All of which I bought off eBay for a significantly cheaper price than if I bought them off the official Yankee Candle website. I thought it would be a nice change from my normal beauty related posts to write a little candle show and tell session! So let's get the ball rolling with...

...Black Cherry! I bought a sample size of this last year and I loved it, even the tiny little size was enough to fill a room with scent. So this year I bought the full version and I have to say, I don't love it. 

For some reason, it smells very artificial and plasticky. When you just smell in while it's in the jar, it's fine but something about it when it's burning isn't very nice for me personally. Some people may love this scent but there's just something about it that seems very plasticky. Having said that, the sample size smelt divine so maybe the smaller size version is nicer because it disperses more around the room? I have no idea but for me, this wasn't a winner unfortunately. :(

Spiced orange! I absolutely love this scent! It's the epitome of all things Christmassy and festive and wintery. I love it. I haven't yet lit this one so I can't comment on what it's like when it's burning but I definitely don't get the impression that it's going to be artificial. 

If you're familiar with the Fruit Fusion scented candle, this one is very similar except it's a lot deeper and wintery. It's not at all musky or cinnamony but there is a spicy note running through it although the orange scent it definitely the strongest scent.

I really love this candle, I think it's may favourite of the three I have and it weirdly reminds me of the scene in Holes (you know the Disney film?) when Zero is eating that jam he finds in the boat. I feel like that jam would smell like this!

Lastly not definitely not least, Cranberry Ice. This is the sweetest scented candle I've ever bought. It's like when you walk in to a sweet shop and the sweet scent just hits you. I love it. This is definitely one of them that you're going to love or hate as it is really strong. Despite it's sweetness I don't find it sickly,  it's still fresh and sharp.

I think when you're buying such an expensive candle you're better off smelling it yourself first because they are on the pricey side and if you buy one it's going to last you for about a month so you need to know what you're getting in to. The 'scent of the month' at Clintons is something with caramel in it and I hate it. It's so sickly and horrible. I'd go mad if I had to sit in a room with it on. Yet I can imagine that it absolutely appeals to some people. I really want to buy a cinnamon scented one, I'm thinking Cinnamon Stick but I really need to see it first incase I don't like it because even though I love cinnamon I have a feeling I may not like a candle version of it. I don't know. I'm strange!

I bought all these candles off eBay and they are 100% genuine, I'll leave the links below if you'd like to have a look, they have lots of different scents. Obviously you can also buy these on the Yankee Candle website if you'd prefer!

(This one is more expensive, it must be quite popular)

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  1. I have spiced orange and it has a great throw, you'll love it! Great post! c:


  2. I love Yankee candles! I recently found 2 stores that sell some and I’ve been crazy looking for more and more ahahah. Specially because now it’s Christmas, the new scents are arriving and it gets me even more pumped! I got some already and hopefully I’ll get some of the more popular ones!
    Lovely post! c: x



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