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MaxFactor have something new out! Woo! Well, it isn't new, is it. It's just repackaged in gold but I've never actually noticed this before which is unusual because I spend most of my time in Boots at the MaxFactor section! I picked up the Creme Puff Pressed Powder at the beginning of last week when I first noticed it, I love MaxFactor, if I could choose only one brand to use forever I think it would be this one. I also wonder whether it's supposed to be partnered with the Whipped Creme Foundation? They both have CREME in the title! :D

I usually use the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, I've been a fan for ages but when you use something constantly for so long it can get boring I find but I just haven't ever used anything that works so well. So I thought I'd give this a try and see what it's like. 

In the shop I was a bit confused about the shade because I usually use the 40 shade but I picked up 05 Translucent because it seemed like that was the lightest shade even though it was in the middle of the row. I didn't really know what was going on. But you can't get lighter than 'transluscent' can you?

First of all, this has the strangest scent ever. It's not a horrible scent it's kind of medical although my mum thinks it smells like baby powder... really unusual for a makeup product. Second of all, it's not very light. No where near as light as my Rimmel powder. I was so disappointed when I compared them at home because in the shop, under them lights I didn't notice a massive difference, I was concerned that I hadn't picked up the lightest shade but it didn't look too dark. If that makes sense. When I got it home and put the two next to each other, there's a pretty big difference in shading. 

Despite the shade difference I bit the bullet and applied it the same way I would my normal setting powder; all over my face with no mercy. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It didn't look ridiculously dark, don't get me wrong you could tell it was a bit darker than usual but it looked quite nice, it livened up my skin, made me look a bit more radiant and gave my complexion some colour, something you don't see much of in the winter! If you're like me, unbelievably pale, verging on see through, just lightly dust it over your face and add some on your neck and chest too!

 The powder feels really smooth and luxurious, almost creamy, but not creamy haha. It's very finely milled and there's just no messing with this product. I used to use a different MaxFactor compact for my powder called the Facefinity which retails at £10.99 and I went through well over 10 of them. Ridiculous when I think back, you're basically paying for the hefty packaging and a squidge of powder. The packaging on this is simple, not bulky full of product, just what you want! 

You can see on the image below the difference between the Creme Puff (Left) and the Rimmel Stay Matte (Right).

It says on the Boots website that you can use this as an all over foundation which, although I haven't tried, I do think would be possible because it has a decent amount of coverage, I'd say medium but buildable too. So it's a lot better value for money than the Facefinity compact. It sets to a completely matte finish, in my experience this lasts the majority of the day but on a busy day I'd have to touch up throughout the afternoon, as with most powders.

You get 21g of product in this compact which I think is a generous amount, well worth the money considering you can use it as a foundation if you like powder foundations. In my mind the only downfall of this product is that it's not very light which is a shame because MaxFactor products usually suit my skin tone really well.

You can buy this at Boots for £5.99

Let me know what you think if you've tried this product!
See you next time,
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P.S. Random fact. Through taking pictures of swatches on my hands for blog posts, I've noticed that in the Summer my hands have freckles and in the Winter they disappear! So strange, so strange. 


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