A Very Random Haul!

Hello everyone!

I have here today a very random haul. I've just collected a few bits and pieces I've bought over the last few weeks or so. I feel like I've bought quite a lot but have nothing to show but I think that's because the majority of things I've been buying are Christmas presents. So please behold the randomness:

First, I bought these rings. I'm not really a ring kinda person because they just look ridiculous on my very white hands and if I can't be bothered sorting out my chipped nail polish they draw attention to it. But I bought these because I like the second one down from the top. I just wanted to buy that one but I couldn't. Although it didn't really matter because they were in the sale at Debenhams and I got the set for about £5.00 so it's no biggie. I really like these rings, they're from the brand 'mood' which do some really pretty jewellery and I kind of wish I'd picked up some more things while the sale was on.

Secondly, I bought myself a flask. I see these in TKMaxx all the time and always wish I had one when I'm leaving for uni in the morning for the bus journey. So I bought one. It was only about £3.80, definitely less than £4.00 and I'm happy that I now have it for the winter mornings!

Next, I've had my eye on this Soap & Glory Face Massager for ages and I eventually bought it, used it a few times, lost it and today I found it again woo! I actually really love using this as part of my makeup removal routine. Paired with the Peaches and Clean it leaves a really nice, smooth and healthy feeling to the skin. I just massage my face with some sort of cleanser and it seems to really awaken my skin. I know there's some flowery words in there haha but I really think it helps my cleanser do a better job!

Price: £4.00 View HERE.

Having had a green hair disaster I decided it was time to purchase some new hair care products. First on the agenda is this Dove leave in conditioner. I'm a huge fan of dry shampoo and the thought of putting conditioner in my hair when it was dry just seemed like a grease fest. However, lots of people recommend this to keep your hair looking shiny and smooth so I thought I'd give it a go. 

I've been using this a lot since I bought it and I can safely say that it definitely doesn't make your hair greasy. It just replaces some moisture and sheen and healthiness to the ends of your hair (I wouldn't spray it near your roots). It also smells lovely and fresh. 

I'd definitely recommend this if you're on the look out for a product that you can quickly spray in your hair in the morning to help it look presentable. I'd particularly recommend it to those, like me, who only like to wash their hair once a week....

Price: £3.59, view HERE.

I also picked up some trusty Aussie products. I love Aussie, I really do, you just can't go wrong with them. There was a 3 for £10 offer on in Boots so I picked up a Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner and a 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner. As you can probably tell, moisture and conditioning was my main goal here. Only a week ago I had FIVE lots of bleach applied to my hair to remove green colouring... my hair needs it. 

I have used the deep conditioner and it works an absolute treat. My main issue was the problem I was going to have getting a comb through my hair after all that bleach but that product really helped. I'll write a real full review soon on it. 

Price: Shampoo and Conditioner: £4.69 View HERE.
Deep Conditioner: £4.99 View HERE.

Lastly, I have two more jewellery pieces. Debenhams had another sale on and these items were on half price. I think the necklace was £2.50 and the ring was £2.00. I love the necklack because the colour reminds me of a peacock and I think the ring is a nice dressy addition to my jewellery collection!

And that's everything I've bought that I can remember haha.
Hope you enjoyed reading this and didn't mind the randomness!

What's your most random recent purchase? 

See you next time,

P.S. I also bought a copy of H.G.Well's The Island of Dr Moreau for my dissertation and the seller put a note in it saying 'Thank you I hope you enjoy reading'. I thought that was so cute! 


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