Benefit 'Little Love Potions' Christmas Gift Set.

Hello Everyone!

You know when you just fancy treating yourself to a Christmas present? A present to me from me. That's what happened here. 

I like the idea of these Christmas sets, especially if you're interested in a particular brand but don't want to splash out on the individual products, you can get a good idea when you buy a set like this what you do and don't like. Then if there's something you really like you can confidently go and buy the full size. The only other items I have from Benefit are the Boi-ing Concealer and the They're real mascara. So I like the idea of having a variety of sample size products without feeling bad that I spent too much money. 

I picked up the 'Little Love Potions' set. It's a complexion kit, you get all the necessary products to create the perfect base. I really liked the idea of this because I haven't yet got the ideal routine for my makeup yet and I'm hoping that some of these products will help me find something I like. I'm hoping I don't fall in love with all of the products because that would be a pricy affair...

So first of all, you get a 3.0g sample of the 'It's Potent' eye cream. I don't currently use any kind of eye cream so I'm looking forward to seeing what this actually does. 

Next, you get a 2.5ml sample of the 'High Beam' highlighter. I've seen this a lot but never thought buying the full size product would be beneficial for me. 

You also get a 2.5ml 'Posietint'. This is a lip and cheek stain. I've heard that these stains are actually really good and the colour looks really pretty too so I'm happy to try that!

Also you get a 2.5ml sample of the 'Stay don't Stray' concealer/eyeshadow primer. I've never tried nor considered a primer for my concealer but I suppose it's a good idea considering we use primer for our foundation. This comes in light/medium so I'm hoping it's going to be light enough for me but if I'm honest, I'm doubtful that it will be :(. 

You get 2 different primers. A 7.5ml sample of 'That Gal' and a 7.5ml sample of 'The Porefessional' primer. I'm excited to try both of these out as I'm currently using the new Seventeen primer which although it is pretty good, it's not the best. 

You get a 2.5g sample of the 'What's up' stick highlighter too. This actually looks like a really nice frosty colour winter highlight so I'm looking forward to trying this throughout all the Christmas party season.

The last three products are a 3.0g sample of the 'Hoola' bronzer. I don't usually use this bronzer but I'm looking forward to trying this because it's matte and I don't haev any completely matte bronzers and it's not too dark. It's a nice light/medium colour. 

Next, there is a 6.5ml 'Ultra Plush' lipgloss in 'Hoola'. This looks quite like a bronze coloured lip gloss which isn't something I'd reach for under normal circumstances but I also have a feeling it'll be quite sheer so it might be nice with a more dramatic eye look. 

Lastly, there is a 4.0g 'Badgal Lash' sample. I actually don't like the 'They're real' mascara from benefit so I'm hoping I like this one better!

So that's everything in the 'Little Love Potions' gift set by Benefit. The price of this set is £29.50 which you might consider a little hefty but if you think you're getting 10 products that's roughly £3.00 per item so it's not too bad if you think of it like that. I'd definitely pick this up if you want to try out a few Benefit products but don't really know where to start. You get a variety of things to experiment with for not too much money. 

I also think it'd be a nice gift, I think it'd suit most people. The only things that might put you off are the shades of the Stay Don't Stray primer and the Hoola Bronzer but I do think they match the majority of people's skin tones.

You can view the item on the Debenhams website HERE and they currently have 10% off so it's £26.55 at the moment. Hurry hurry! 

Anyway, that's everything, hope you enjoyed reading this!
See you next time, 


  1. Wonderful review! I love Benefit's Little Love Potions. A wonderful collection that's been so helpful. In particular, with Watt's Up because of the dewy complexion it provides. :)



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