Essence Makeup Haul!

Hello everyone!

I recently discovered that the Arndale in Manchester had acquired an interesting new stand. A new makeup stand! I've heard of the brand Essence before but I always thought it was American... it's actually a German brand which I was more shocked by as I never saw the brand when I was in Berlin. Maybe I didn't look hard enough haha. One of the sales assistants said that Essence is the no.1 selling brand in Europe which I was also shocked about as it's not a brand commonly seen around England. 

I ended up going a bit mental and picked up a variety of different items to show you. This post is only going to be a haul post but I will be reviewing these items individually too. If there's something you really want a review of quickly I'll get to it, asap! 

I tried to get a wide range of items however I didn't pick up any face things such as foundation, concealer or powder as I knew I probably wouldn't use them. I also did a tiny bit of research prior to buying these things to see what was best to pick up. 

The post I read recommended the cream shadows and I was instantly drawn to these anyway in their resemblance to the Colour Tattoos. 

The cream pots are called Eye Sorbets and I bought the shades Illuminating Plum and Illuminating Hazelnut. These were £2.79 each. 

I also bought a Metal Glam Eyeshadow because I just thought it looked gorgeous and just couldn't resist (it totally matches my Gold Glitter Heels from DP too!). I have used glitter eyeshadow before from NYX and didn't rate it. Hopefully this will be better! They had lots of different shades too which I might buy more of if this one is good. 

The shade I bought is called Hello Goldie and was £2.49.

Next I bought two blushes because I read that they were one of the best products from this range. 

I bought a pressed powder blush in the shade Babydoll, this cost £2.49.

And after swatching this blush stick I thought it was really pretty and summery! This is in the shade Pretty in Pink and cost £2.49.

Now onto lip products I bought two lipsticks, one in Pink Treasure and the other in Flirty Pink. I've tried the brighter pink shade today and it was very similar to the MUA formula. Kinda more of a tint than a legit lipstick. Still nice though. These were £1.99 each (although I could have sworn the stand said they were 99p each...).

The matte lipgloss I thought was interesting, I bought the shade Smooth Berry and they had loads of colours but I bought this berry one thinking I'd be more likely to wear it. When I got it home I noticed it was pretty similar in colour to my NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in San Paulo. This was £2.29.

Lastly,  I picked up this kit called How to make brows WOW. It was the most expensive thing from all the items I picked up at £5.99 but I think the packaging is really cute and you get some tools with it too.

As you can see, there's a blonde, light brown and dark brown shade. I'll definitely be writing a review on this soon as eyebrows are the main issue on my face and I need something that performs well. So I'll let you know where this fits in my estimation. 

So that's everything I bought. I realised that the prices were pretty reasonable and the packaging of most items was nice but basic. Hopefully the products will perform well regardless of their cheapness though!

Again, let me know what you would like a review of first!

Take care, 
Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day!
  • Did my graduation nails today. Tried my hand at some nail art too. I managed to do zigzags pretty well with my right hand but when I had to use my left hand it all went wrong. Had to do dots on that hand instead haha.
  • My first teacher-y purchase arrived this morning, I bought 10 whiteboard pens from eBay for about £1.50! So Excite.
  • Hoping that it doesn't rain tomorrow for my graduation...
  • I am having cheeseburger and criss cross chips for dinner tonight! Can't wait, love a good cheeseburger. 
  • Hector is currently sporting plasters on the feet of his two front legs. He's been digging and worn his nails all the way down and they looked all red and sore the poor little mite. So as funny as he looks he's now got plasters on. He doesn't like it but it's better than his little feet being sore :(


  1. Once I heard that Essence was launched in the uk I was soooo excited but I still haven't found any store that stocks them so that's pretty disappointing... But I really want to try the stick blusher! And have a good time at your graduation!!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. I know what you mean, it's really annoying when a brand launches but you can't find them anywhere. I've been looking in loads of Superdrugs for Makeup Revolution but can't find it in store... very frustrating! Thank you, I will :)


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