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Hello everyone!

As you may or may not know, I have now finished university. The only dealings I have left with MMU is my graduation which is on the 24th July 2014. As a result, I began searching for jobs. I had applied for about 5 different posts all of which were teaching orientated and heard back from one place. One of five. 

Anyway, I went to the interview which was for a Cover Supervisor at a local secondary school. The interview entailed a tour of the school, covering a year 7 maths class, formal interviews with a panel of year 11 students then a final interview with the head teacher, deputy head teacher and the head of cover supervisors. It was a long, challenging day. BUT I think it went well. Well, I know it went well because I was offered a job! Not the cover supervisor post, I imagine that went to one of the other two guys that were also at the interview and had previous experience. I was offered a teacher assistants job which includes helping in classes and working with small groups of children. It's a brilliant opportunity and I'm a lot more confident knowing I won't be left alone with a large class of 14 years olds. This post allows me to gain experience for a PGCE or even train within the school. I start in September and I'm really excited!

So I thought I'd just show you what I wore for the interview, I wrote this post prior to actually attending the interview so apologies if it's in the wrong tense. 


I found these items in the Debenhams sale. Very highly discounted but I figured I'm not really gonna wear these in my actual life so I didn't want to spend a lot. Also, I can reuse this outfit if I have more than one interview to go to. 

First, I picked up this top from Warehouse for £10.00! It was discounted from £32.00 which I definitely would not have payed. However for a tenner I think it's really nice. It's made from comfortable material, I like the V neck and the netted type of detailing around the sleeves and back. I also really love the colour of this, I think it's very flattering on lots of different skin tones. I'm on the look out for a mint coloured graduation dress too!

To go with the top I picked up this pencil skirt for £9.00, I think it was originally £22.00 and it's from the brand Henry Holland. As you can see it's black with polka dots which looks really cute and I plan to tuck the top in. I had to buy this in a size 6. Yes, 6. Normally I'm a size 8/10 but they only had really big sizes in the sale or this size. It's made from super stretchy material though so it actually fits okay... I just hope the seams don't split half way through the interview lmao can you imagine! 

I'm not sure whether I'll wear tights with this or not. I will probably wear some heels though because if I don't I fear that I will blend right in with the school kids. 

When Debenhams have sales on I always find good jewellery deals. Usually items are 50% or 70% off and you can pick things up for really great prices. I didn't have too much time to browse on this particular day though so I just bought two things. One of which was this set of two bracelets. 

I thought they would match the interview outfit really well and add a bit of colour to my hand/wrist area as I don't plan on wearing nail polish. I also think that I'll actually wear these on a normal day too as they're really pretty. 

I got these for £2.00 discounted from £4.00 and they're from the brand Touch. 

Also from Touch for £2.00 I picked up these costume rings. They're so pretty but as usual with rings, they a slightly too big for me :( Hopefully I'll be able to stack them with rings that fit me well so they don't fall off!

So that was my little interview haul!
Hope you enjoyed reading this and it wasn't too boring :D
See you next time, 
Leanne x

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Thoughts of the day
  • I now have to stock my wardrobe with sophisticated attire as I realised that I have hardly any appropriate teaching clothes. 
  • Still need a graduation dress, I ordered one from ASOS but I'm not overly keen on it. I was shopping in Manchester yesterday but didn't find anything I liked :(
  • I ordered a China Glaze polish in Pool Party which looked like a neon pink online but when it arrived it was a neon orange.... I don't really like orange on my nails. 
  • My legs are currently KILLING me from walking about all day in heels for my interview. Whilst I was there my feet or legs didn't hurt at all but the walking around Manchester yesterday, I definitely felt it. 
  • I also went for a laser eye consultation yesterday which I will write a post about soon :)


  1. The mint coloured top is so pretty, gives the outfit a pop of colour!xx
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

  2. Thank you! My thoughts exactly, something a little different to all black or black and white! :) xx

  3. You picked a really nice outfit! Interviews can be so stressful on their own, then adding an appropriate outfit can be an extra hassle that takes us overboard. You the skirt you matched the too with is lovely and I like the rings you used to accessories with :) Elizabeth, from

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean about the added stress, that's why I bought something that could be worn for various different interviews if I needed it more than once :D xx


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