Gold Glitter Block Heel | Dorothy Perkins

Hello everyone!

Prepare yourselves for some sparkle!

Behold my latest whim. 

Whilst perusing Dorothy Perkins for a night out top I spotted these sparkly babies in the sale. I've been eyeing them up for a significant amount of time however knowing that I'll wear them rarely and they'll probably be difficult to pair with other clothes I always resisted their £35.00 price tag.

In the sale though they were £17.00 and I just thought it's now or never. Hahaha how dramatic. Really, they are the ultimate princess shoes!

Anyway, I really do love them and even if I only wear them once.. I'll be happy to just look at them!

They're a really nice shade of gold which attracts me greatly. They're not yellowy but more towards the silver end of the gold spectrum. Although I haven't worn them yet the glitter doesn't seem to be falling off so hopefully they will last a while before the glitter sheds. The heel looks to be about 5 inch but when you take the platform into consideration I'd say they were about 3.5/4 inch heels. Higher than I'm used to but I'm gonna suck it up and wear them! Also, the thick heel makes them slightly more easy to walk in. 

So what do you think?

If anyone has an outfit recommendation for these heels let me know in the comments! I'm currently thinking of just wearing them with black disco pants but still, I need ideas :D

If you'd like to buy them online, they're £17.00 but I think DP are offering an extra 10% off online right now. Also I've just seen that they only have 4 pairs left in stock so if you want some, get a wiggle on!

Thanks for reading!
Leanne x

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Thoughts Of The Day
  • I never did buy the top I went into DP for.
  • I'm going to write a review / comparison post on The Fault in Our Stars. I've both seen the film and read the book now so I thought that would be cool seeing as it's so popular right now.
  • I have an increasing obsession with The Sims 3... I won't be happy until I have all the expansion packs!
  • True Blood has started again! Anyone else as excited as I am? So sad that it's the last season though :(


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