MaxFactor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara

Hello everyone!

Today I'm reviewing the MaxFactor Excess Volume Mascara. I think this came out in January, that's when I saw it on offer for £10.00, I think it was on an introductory price, it's normally £12.99. I've only just opened it recently though as I've been using up some other mascaras first.

So it's one of them double ended, two step mascaras. The first step creates the volume and it reminds me very much of the False Lash Effect mascara with regards to the brush size, shape and the formula. Step two is the 'dark lacquer' which is essentially a weird smelling serum which holds everything in place (so I presume). The brush on this end reminds me of the 2000 Calorie Mascara brush, maybe a little bit bigger. 

I'm not really gonna beat around the bush here. I'm not a fan of this mascara. Strange I know as I love both the False Lash Effect and 2000 Calorie mascaras so in theory, I should love it. 

I'll tell you why I don't...

The first thing I thought was, 'woah that's a big brush to pair with that tiny little wand'. I was right to be worried. Upon application I managed to get mascara all around my eyes. The wand just isn't long enough to get right in to the inner corner of your eyes. Not to mention the barrel that you hold on to is so thick that it's awkward to manoeuvre and you just finish up smudging everything.

So that was my first issue. Too bulky, not a long enough wand. So it's messy. 

The next bit didn't worry me at first except the scent of it. It's got a very potent lacquer smell about it and it's very strong. Also after I'd applied this and it had dried my eyelashes were rock hard. There's no moving them or rearranging them with a brush, once they are set that's the end of it. This is probably great if you're someone who has smudging issues. But for me, I felt like I had crispy lashes. 

The part that did worry me was that it took an absolute age to remove. It's worse than Benefit's They're Real. I had to really scrub to get it off and I could see some lashes coming out on the flannel. This was worrying. 

Anyway, if you're wondering why I haven't taken any pictures for a demo, it's because I'm a bit nervous to put it on again. I was going to just put the actual mascara on to show but that's essentially the False Lash Effect mascara which I love and have already reviewed. 

My advice would be to seriously just buy FLE. It's awesome, it's got a big brush and a long wand and produces really volumous lashes. I would recommend this to someone who really struggles with smudging or blotting throughout the day and doesn't mind putting the extra effort in to remove their mascara... or even losing a few lashes. 

I'm really disappointed that I've had to give MaxFactor a negative review because I genuinely love everything I've ever tried from the brand but unfortunately this just isn't for me. 

Have you friend this mascara? What did you think?

Hope this was useful, 
Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day!
  • Don't worry, the mascara won't go to waste, I'll probably just use the mascara end with extra precision to use it up. 
  • I did my graduation toes today, even though my toes aren't going to be on display haha :D They're red BTW.
  • I made another ASOS order with a different dress and a pair of lovely black shoes which I'm really excited about. The estimated delivery was 'on or before Thursday'. Hoping it arrives before Thurs as that's the day I need them!
  • Cracked out the foot massager today for the first time this year I think! I made use of some small bath bombs and had pink water! (I only have a shower in my house so I don't get the daily excitement of bath bombs).
  • Hector (my bearded dragon) has now learnt how to get downstairs. He's known how to get up them for a while but now he can get back down again too. He was having such a good time. I need another pair of eyes though!


  1. ive found the same problem with the wand length of this mascara too! id love it if youd comment back xx


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