Haul! Ft. Primark, Dorothy Perkins, TKMaxx, Boots.

Hello everyone!

I have a haul post for you today. A few things I've picked up recently mostly with my graduation in mind (which you'll have already seen by now) along with some sale items, beauty bits and prep for when I start work!

So let's start with Primark!

I always see blog posts where people are sporting really pretty rings from Primark so I decided I was going to have a browse this time. I bought two sets, one gold and one silver and I'm really happy with them.

Both sets were only £1.50 and each come with at least 5 rings.

I know cheap jewellery tends to go a funny colour but does anyone remember THIS POST? How to stop rings from making your fingers green!

Works a treat ;)

The next thing I bought were these shoes. I saw them and really liked the colour. I also enjoy that they are suede and the little gold detailing. These will be great multitasking shoes, they could be worn throughout a normal day or for work or even on a night out! 

These were £6.00.

Next, I randomly picked up this top from the Dorothy Perkins sale. My sister loves palm trees so she spotted it and I just decided that I liked it! This was in the sale for £7.00 and I think it will look nice with some high waisted pants. Very much looking forward to wearing this!

From boots I picked up some skin care items. I bought an Apricot Scrub from St.Ives after watching Lex from MadeYewLookTwice from YouTube talk about her skin care routine. She has excellent looking skin and I aspire to have skin that looks that good. I still have some things on my list that I need to buy to complete my routine but I felt I was missing this scrub. 

I know Apricot scrubs aren't good for your skin on a daily basis. However, once a week of biweekly I think this will help my weird, patchy skin. 

I've used it once up to now and I have to say it's very rough. BUT my skin felt softer than ever after using it... 

I bought the Naturally Clear version and it was on offer for about £2.50.

Next, I jumped on the blogger bandwagon. Everyone raves about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and when I saw it on offer I decided that was the best time to try it. I shall review it soon... unless you feel you've seen too many haha let me know in the comments!

I also bought three new nail polishes with my graduation in mind. I always buy Barry M polishes in threes as they always seem to be on 3 for 2!

Anyway, I got the shades Sugar Apple, Almond and Mint Green.

These were £3.99 

Lastly, from TKMaxx I bought a water bottle and a lunch box. I know, exciting!

I've been wanting a cool water bottle to motivate me to drink more water, you know the novelty of having a water bottle is very inspiring hahaha. Not only that, it will be good for taking to work with me when I start. 

This is by the brand Oggi and seems to be pretty decent. I may even write a review one day ;)

This was only £4.99 which I thought was great as the ones I saw online were more like £12.99.

My sister spotted this cool lunchbox which was also £4.99. It has little sections at the top for individual foods, a little pot for your sauce and a collapsable knife and fork! You can't tell me that's not cool!

I plan to take salads and sandwiches and things like that so I think this will do well. I do need to buy a few more though so I can have a few going at once. 

I hope you enjoyed this random ramble!

Thanks for reading! 
Hope you're having a fab day :)
Leanne x

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