Shopping OOTD! Ft. Topshop and Primark!

Hello everyone!

I haven't written an outfit post for a long time. I just keep forgetting every time I'm dressed up to  take any pictures. So today my sister and I went shopping in Manchester, I had a list of things I wanted to buy (haul coming soon!) so I thought I'd show you what I wore. It's not the most interesting but the main thing I wanted to show you are my shoes!

I bought these in the Topshop sale a week or so ago and I just love them. To be honest, I really want them in black too but they were still £28.00...ouch. These orange ones were £10.00 and with my student discount (which I only have a month left to use, boo) they cost me only £9.00. 

If you like the look of these get yourself down to Topshop ASAP before they all get bought!

I went for a basic outfit. I kind of feel ridiculous even showing you but anyway.... 

It was extremely hot today so I put on some three quarter length thin leggings which are so old I can't even remember where they're from. And I paired them with a white v-neck t-shirt from Primark. Absolutely love these v-neck top from Primark, they're only £4.00 and come in a variety of colours. They also wash really well.

So these two items, along with a multicoloured loom band anklet courtesy of the cousin, made a pretty decent shopping outfit. The shoes really stood out, they definitely made the outfit. 

On my face I have:

Maybelline BB Cream
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
MaxFactor Creme Puff Powder
MaxFactor Flawless Blush
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Eternal Gold
L'Oreal SuperLiner in Black
MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Mascara
Revlon Matte Lip Balm in Flamboyant

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day!
  • Finally have my graduation dress. It's from ASOS, it's beautiful and I will show you soon!
  • I have an Essence beauty haul coming up soon! Very exciting for me as I've never tried the brand before. Apparently it's German... I thought it was American haha. 
  • I am thoroughly enjoying the heat. Lots of people seem to be moaning about it but I'm really enjoying it. Having makeup difficulties though, face is like an oil slick within a few hours :(
  • People were giving away free Gold butter in Manchester today. I know it's only butter but how often do you get something for free? :D
  • I've been drinking lots and lots (for me) of water recently to get my skin in better condition. I think it's working so I've motivated myself but buying a cool water bottle!


  1. The shoes are absolutely insanely gorgeous, I'm in loooove!! Such a bargain as well xx
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

    1. They really are, aren't they! Even though the colours really bright they pair with a lot of things too :) Thanks for the comment! Xx


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