Graduation Photo Diary | 2014!

Hello everyone!

Today I thought I'd show you some pictures from my graduation. It was on Thursday 24th July and it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed getting dressed up and I so wish I could have kept the cap and gown because they were so cool. 

I'm sad that university is over, it's gone so quickly but I'm looking forward to starting my new job, meeting new people and I'm hoping to start a Masters degree once I've got enough money behind me to pay for it! (So university life isn't totally over hahaha)

 I hope you will enjoy having a look through some pics! If you graduated this year I hope you had a wonderful day too :)

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x

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Thoughts of the day!
  • Apparently today is the last day of nice weather for us in Manchester. Rain tomorrow and Monday :(
  • My new found love is Desperados with Lime! Yum Yum. 
  • Returned all the potential graduation dresses to ASOS this morning. Really happy with the one I wore, it is such a pretty dress!
  • Went to the hairdressers for a wash and blow dry for my graduation. Bloody £20 it cost me! £20 for a wash and blow!! Could have done it as home for free! That's what I get for being lazy I suppose. 
  • I'm now going to give Hector a bath... see you next time!


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