Graduation Outfit!

Hello everyone!

Today is my graduation day woo :D I've been excited and nervous about this occasion but I'm hoping that everything goes smoothly. My outfit has been some cause of stress though. For some reason I just couldn't find a dress that I liked. I had been shopping a few times and saw nothing that was appropriate so I resorted to online shopping and found the perfect one!

I bought this on ASOS for £22.00 with free delivery. I was mostly drawn to the colour of it and the chiffon style. When it arrived I was so pleased with it and knew it would fit the occasion and match the colours of my gown. 

It's got silver sequins around the neckline which eliminates my need to buy a necklace. And it adds something extra to what would be a very simple dress. 

Also from ASOS, I bought these suede shoes for £16.00. I'd been having a mental debate about whether I was going to wear heels of not and decided that I wasn't. I originally was definitely going to wear heels, then I got nervous and decided to take flats for the stage bit then I just decided to buy a nice, dressy pair of flats and wear them! 

I really love these, they're from London Rebel and although I'm not usually a fan of pointed shoes I think they look a little more sophisticated that way. I also love the part that goes around the ankle. 

I took this picture yesterday after I'd finished my nails! I saw a picture on Twitter of similar nails and decided to recreate that. I used the shades:

Barry M Nail Gelly -  Sugar Apple
Essie - Beyond Cozy
Barry M Nail Gelly - Almond

The rings are from Primark!

So that is my attire. I'll definitely write a follow up post with pictures of me actually wearing the dress with my hair done and everything! And of course a picture with one of them cool caps graduates wear... one of the main reasons I went to university was to have a picture in one of them hats!

Hope you're all having a good day!
Leanne x

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