Present for my Valentine!

Hello everyone!

Did you all have a nice Valentines Day? Single or in a relationship, I hope you all did! 

Tom and I went to Bem Brazil in Manchester for a meal, it was really lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed it yet I still can't get over how bloody expensive a meal out is just because it's Valentines Day! 

I thought I'd quickly show you what I bought for Tom for Valentines, I wasn't going to buy anything big at first because I really didn't know what to buy but I was browsing Burton and saw some really good deals and decided to pick them up.

First of all, I bought this mustard coloured jumper. I was initially going to buy it for myself, naughtily, then I thought it'd be ridiculously big on me but I knew Tom would really like it so I bought it for him instead.

Unfortunately they only had a size XXL which is huge but it looks like it's supposed to be oversized on Tom so it's all good.

This was £10.00

Next, I saw this coat, also in Burton, and just couldn't leave it behind. I wanted to buy Tom a coat for Christmas but they were so damn expensive and I knew they would just be in the sales after Christmas anyway. I absolutely love this style of coat, Tom wore it when we went out for our meal and it looked really smart and nice and warm!

This was £25.00 reduced from about £85.00!

They had lots of other coats and jumpers to choose from all of which were really good deals. I'd have been pretty miffed right now if I'd payed the £90.00 I was going to at Christmas only to see the great deals to be had now!

I'd really recommend you go and have a look for your other half, or even for yourself.. I'm quite partial to a man's jumper lol. What makes the sale deals even better is that you can even use your student discount as well! Hoorah!

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x

P.S. Just handed in my Shakespeare portfolio *phew* so there will be my normal amount of posts up now! 


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