A spot of redecorating!

Hello everyone!

If you read my 2014 goals post, you'll remember that I wanted to redecorate part of my room. It's been bugging me for ages but I just never found the time to do it. This past week was reading week at my university so, naturally, no reading was done but redecorating finally did happen. 

Two walls in my from were wallpapered, and they looked really nice at first but because it was black wallpaper it started to wear away leaving it patchy and white. I would use black wallpaper again but only in a place where the wall would never be touched. My bed was against my black wallpaper so I think that's why it began to wear away. Not only that, it made my smallish size room look even smaller and darker. I did enjoy the darkness somewhat though, I liked the idea of my room resembling a cave back in the day...

So I went with paint. Basically, I couldn't be bothered messing with wallpaper again and paint is convenient yet it still looks like you made an effort. I bought my Dulux paint from B&Q in the shade Misty Mountain which is a light grey. It was almost £19.00 a tin but it was on buy one get one half price. I didn't use both so I returned one and got a £14.00 refund! Woo!

It took me about 3 hours to strip the wallpaper, around the window was tedious and difficult but I ploughed through haha. Then it took me only about an hour and a half to paint both walls. I was hoping that it would dry without needing another coat but in the morning you could see the old purple paint showing through. So I gave it another coat and it was fine.



It's strange because I wasn't too enthused by the change at first. When I looked at the before picture I thought it looked a lot nicer wallpapered. Not only that my sister described it as 'horrible' and 'basic', she couldn't understand why I would want grey walls. 

After looking at it for a few days though it's grown on me. It makes my room a lot brighter which will be ideal if I ever get round to my other 2014 goal of starting a YouTube channel. My room also looks a lot cleaner now, I don't know whether that's just the freshen up or the lighter colour but it looks a lot healthier. It's a lot easier to manage, if something marks the wall it can be easily touched up which is something that couldn't be done with the old wallpaper. The grey colour still matches everything else in my room which means I didn't have to splash out on new bedding and curtains and carpets etc, it matches my green wall really well too!

The Dulux paint itself was a little difficult to work with, maybe because it was a matt paint, I'm not sure but it was hard work getting it to apply evenly. However it didn't have the strong paint scent that you might be accustomed too. I was going to sleep in my sister's room the night I painted my walls but there was no need. It dried within about 4/5 hours and it washes off yourself fine but it doesn't come off clothes, I ruined a pair of perfectly good black leggings that day. 

Whilst decorating my room I smashed a lamp, almost smashed a candle holder, re arranged the books that live on my shelf and decided that I'd like to put one of the montage picture frame things on my new wall! :) 

£18.98 Buy one, get one half price!

What do you think? 
Do you prefer the paint or the old wallpaper?

Thanks for reading,
Leanne x


  1. Love this post - I love your style & your colour scheme is really quirky! I like the newbie - well done!

    Abbie xox


    1. Thanks! I was unsure at first but it's grown on me now haha :D xx


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