Beauticology Sweet Sensations | Foot Cream Set

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Hope you're all enjoying a relaxing Sunday! I have a little review for you today on this Beauticology Sweet Sensations Foot Cream and Socks set. I received this as a gift off a friend for Christmas and I was eager to try it out after seeing these in Boots!

I have this set in the scent 'Pink Peppermint', I know you can buy this in various other scents so I just thought let you know that I really enjoyed this as a change. I don't really use anything minty so this was quite refreshing! It's not over powering, you can smell it when you apply it but once you've put the socks on that masks the scent a bit, not that I wouldn't be happy to smell minty all the time.

You receive a 50ml bottle of cream which I've completely used up now, I even cut the top off to get it all out. It ran out pretty quickly because it wasn't anywhere near full, I only got about 5 uses out of it. No idea why, it was in a sealed package but the bottle was only about half full of product, that was a little disappointing but I'm sure if you buy the full size of this it will be full. Maybe the brand cheaps out a little on the gift sets...

The cream itself though is really nice, as I've said it smells gorgeous too, what I tend to do is smother my feet in this after a shower then put the socks on for a few hours to help the cream soak in then I take them off before bed. You can leave your socks on if you'd prefer but I just don't like to sleep in them. In the morning, I find my feet are considerably smoother, nothing groundbreaking but the sole of my feet are much smoother and the top of my feet feel really smooth. It's lovely! 

I've definitely had better results from something like Soap & Glory's Heel Genius however, that's quite pricy and the results I get with this, using it consistently aren't far behind. 

I love the socks too! They resemble candy canes and I just think they're really cute, I'll continue to wear them throughout the year I'm sure. They wash well too. 

So overall, I like this product, I think it's a really nice cream to put on when you're chilling out for the day and your feet will thank you for it! It definitely works, it does it's job but I have had better results from other products. I really enjoy the scent of this and despite being a little disappointed with the lack of product in the tube, I'd definitely look at buying something else from Beauticology in the Peppermint scent!

I don't think this set is available anymore as it was a Christmas set however, you can have a browse of the Beauticology website HERE.

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