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Hello Everyone!

This is random, more random than wednesday's haul post. I need to tell you about two things that have been taking up time in my life lately. One is a TV programme and the other is a website. But I mostly want to talk about the programme. This is in no way a beauty post so if that's what you're looking for, I'm sorry to disappoint, for the rest of you... hello, welcome.

If anyone shares my obsession with The Originals or more specifically Daniel Gillies, you really need to watch a series called Saving Hope. It's a supernatural medical drama and it's really, really good. I don't watch many medical programmes to be honest and truthfully, I only began watching it because I knew Daniel Gillies was a main character but now I've watched two seasons of it, I feel like I'd have to keep watching it even if he wasn't in it.

It's a little gruesome in some parts but it has gripping story lines and interesting characters and I think you'd enjoy it even if you're not an Elijah fan! It's nice to see Gillies playing someone who's not a vampire too haha.  

Let me know if you're a fellow Saving Hope fan! Nobody I know watches it :(

The next thing I have to tell you about is a website, this may only interest those of you who enjoy piano music or play the piano yourself. It's run by a guy called Kyle Landry and he is an excellent pianist. You may have come across his videos on YouTube, he plays music from films, games, classical pieces and his own improvs. What's more interesting is that he uploads a vast amount of his sheet music on his website which you can download... for free!

These are a few of my favourite videos:

Disney - The Lion King - Circle of Life
Disney - Toy Story - You've got a friend in me
Titanic - The Portrait
Pirates of the Caribbean Part 1 & Part 2

You can view Kyle Landry's website and sheets HERE.


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P.S What are your favourite TV programmes? I'm always looking for new things to watch!


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