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Hello everyone!
Hope you're all okay.

I have a few bits and bobs to show you today, they're a bit miss matched, some things are beauty related, others are fashion and the rest are random! I have a feeling there will be another haul soon as I need a few new things for my room...

So in no particular order, let's get cracking!

First, an impulse purchase. I was in Boots and for once I wasn't in there looking at makeup but somehow I ended up buying this Stila blush. 

I was waiting for my Mum and wandered over to the Stila counter and started swatching a few things then I found this! It's the Self Adjusting Custom Colour blush in Pink and I can say nothing other than I was smitten and it had to be mine. It's the brightest, most beautiful blush ever. It's so pigmented and I just loved it, so I bought it. I've been wearing it almost every day since it came home with me and I can safely say that I don't regret buying it!


The next thing is from New Look. I've been really enjoying New Look recently, I used to hate it but since buying some Disco Pants and shoes in there it's grown on me!

Anyway, I was on the hunt for a flannel check/tartan shirt, I looked in a few places and this was the closest thing I found to what I wanted. It cost more than what I wanted to pay but I do really like it so I'm happy. Haven't worn it yet but I think it'll just be a casual top to pair with leggings for uni or a casual day out. I also bought it in a size 12 because the 10 looked quite fitted and I wanted it to be slightly baggy. I almost bought a size 14 but the size difference wasn't much so I went with the 12. 


On to more makeup... 

The 3 for 2 deal across makeup is happening in Boots at the moment which is very dangerous especially as I have vouchers and coupons for extra points building up in my bag! 

You know them times when ALL your everyday makeup runs out at once? That happened to me one morning. I was scraping the last fragments of concealer out of the tube, my liquid eyeliner hardly had anything left and I had seriously hit pan on my Rimmel Stay Matte powder so everything needed replacing. 

So I bought a new Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in shade 1 - £4.19 - LINK

A new L'Oreal SuperLiner which is pricy but I can't leave the house without it! I had to buy the gold tube one because they only had a sparkly version in the black tube so I don't know what's happening there. - £6.49 - LINK

And I also couldn't find my shade of the Rimmel Stay Matte! So I decided to give the new Collection Lasting Perfection powder a whirl. So far, I really like it, it's a much softer and creamier texture compared to the Rimmel powder but I'll probably still buy a back up of the Rimmel because that's just the kind of person I am... haha - £2.99 - LINK (I think I must have a repackaged version).

Exciting mail arrived the other day! My trusty ILAH Brow Powder. This is a little different to the one I usually use which is just one pan but I bought the travel kit to try out a few different colours. I'll have a review on this product sometime next week!

I finally got round to buying some new things for my ear. There's a shop in the Ardale centre in Manchester called Duty Free and it self all kinds of weird and wonderful things. I used to buy my piercing things from Afflecks Palace in the Northern Quarter but Duty Free is miles cheaper. 

I only have my ear stretched to 5mm and I'm not stretching it any further, its been a 5 for about 6 months now and I like it. So I bought a new taper and a plug. Both were only £1 which is great. I'm wearing my plug now and I actually really like it, Tom commented that it's much more 'civilised' hahaha!

The last thing I've bought recently is paint. Riveting I know. But I wanted to redecorate my room and grey was the look I was going for to brighten up my room (my old wallpaper was black so as you can imagine, it's significantly brighter now despite it being grey). I went with Misty Mountain by Dulux which is an off white-grey, so it's quite light. You may have seen my redecorating post so you can see what the finished look is there! 

£18.98 per tin

And that's everything!

Look out for reviews as I'm planning on writing one on the ILAH brows soon, the Stila blush definitely and the Collection Powder too, I might write a comparison post on that and the Rimmel Stay Matte! 

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x


  1. I'm so curious about the"Self Adjusting Custom Colour blush" like is it any good?:3 I'd love to read a review on it, Lovely haul! xxx


    1. Hey, thank you! It's a really lovely blush, bright colour and very pigmented :) I'll definitely be writing a review soon xxx


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