Hello everyone!

Have you had a nice half term break? What've you been up to? I had reading week this week, I'm ashamed to say that no reading has been done however I have been quite productive, I redecorated my room, went to Blackpool and did a few other bits and bobs. My Dad, Sister, her friend and myself went to the Pleasure Beach on Saturday (22nd) as the wristbands were on offer and the weather was nice so I took some pictures for you. 

We go to Blackpool all the time because it's fairly close to where we live, it has some good rides and the queues don't get to a 3 hour wait for one ride like they tend to at places like Alton Towers. It's also quite reasonable priced, the tickets were on offer for £19.99 but at most they're £25.00 online and £30.00 at the gate throughout summer. Usually it'll cost about £40.00 for entrance to a theme park. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy looking at a few pics! 

For Blackpool, the weather treated us really well. It was still cold but the sun was out and it didn't rain!

The Big Dipper is one of the oldest rides there along with the Aeroplanes and the River Caves which have been there since the late 1800s, if you've been to the Pleasure Beach you'll know which rides I mean. If I remember rightly the Big Dipper opened in 1905 so it's over 100 years old! I love the wooden roller coasters at Blackpool, they're just really old fashioned and cool. My favourite is the Grand National! It could do with a painting though... looking a bit rusty!

Of course, when you go to Blackpool the roller coaster of interest is 'The Big One' or the 'Pepsi Max' whichever it's officially called. It's 250 foot high, terrifying if you've never been on it before but absolutely the best ride there!

Infusion was new in 2007 and it's the most twisty roller coaster I think I've ever been on. So much track in such a small place. It used to be the Traumatiser ride at Southport but when that shut Blackpool got the ride. 

Avalance is such a cool ride. I found it quite fitting to go on with the Winter Olympics being on TV. It's basically like a bobsleigh, no tracks you just kind of go down the slide at high speed. It's really great!

Ultimately though, the best ride is the big one. You can see a POV HERE and if you're not scared of heights you can see amazing views from the top all across Blackpool and the beach!

Have you ever been to Blackpool?
What's your favourite theme park? I'm dying to go to Thorpe Park but it's quite far away from where I live. 

Thanks for reading!
Leanne x


  1. Great photos! Haha reading weeks are never actually spent reading are they? My lecturers are always telling us "its a reading week, NOT a week off" haha!

    1. Thanks! Hahaha nope, no reading is ever done on reading week! X

  2. It looks like you had a lovely time! I love going to Blackpool with my friends, and the big one was amazing haha :-)
    Check out my blog?

    Meg ♡


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