Small Haul | New Look & TKMaxx

Hello everyone!

I was planning on saving these bits and pieces until I have some more things to go with them but I want to write an outfit post on two items soon so.. lucky you, here's a little haul!

I can't remember the last time I bought something from New Look, I went off it a few years ago when it seemed that everything was aimed at young teenagers and everything was really floral and just not my thing so I rarely ever go in there. Over the past week though I've been looking everywhere for a pair of disco pants. I saw some in the Warehouse sale at Christmas and didn't pick them up and I was totally kicking myself when I actually wanted some and couldn't find any except online. (I even briefly contemplated going in to American Apparel for the extortionately priced version...I was desperate).

On a whim though, I took myself into New Look and look at what was right at the door. Disco Pants!

They're actually referred to as leggings on the label but they seem pretty much the same as disco pants, they're high waisted, shiny, stretchy and not jeans. I picked them up in a size 10 and I'm really happy with them! They don't look the most attractive on the hanger but when you have them on, they look fine.

They were £22.99 - LINK

Shoes aren't something I'm big on, I wear the same pair of boots for the winter and Vans in the summer but I needed something to go with the pants that I wouldn't have to put false tan on my feet to wear. So I bought these. I actually really like then, they're not too high, you can wear them with socks so they don't rub either so they're really comfy.

They're just simple black and suede with a little bit of gold detailing, they'll match everything and I'm sure I'll get my wear out of them. When I first tried them on they were so slippy though because the sole is plastic so I had to file the bottom of the heel part so I didn't fall and highly embarrass myself. It felt weird basically ruining a brand new pair of shoes but it did the trick and I'd recommend you give it a go if slipping is an issue for you too. 

These were £19.99 - LINK

I only have two more things to show you and they're both decorative. I bought this candle in TKMAxx for only £2.99, the candle is unscented but I bought it for the jar that it's in mainly. When I've finished with the candle I can store my makeup brushes in it!

And the last thing is this box. It's made in India out of what looks like slate. It's very heavy and if it was dropped I think it would smash. When I saw it I just could't leave it behind, I love the design, the colours and how unusual it is, so it came home with me. I'm yet to decide what's going to live in there but for now it's sat looking pretty on my dressing table. 

If you're not a TKMaxx obsessed person like me, you should definitely go and have a look around their homeware section. I can't say much for the clothes because I don't tend to walk around there but you can find some unique and reasonably priced items in the home department!

This box was £7.99

Thanks for reading!
See you next time, 
Leanne x


  1. I've just found your blog and its lovely :) I love those boots! xx

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