Sophisticated Beige Sparkle!

Hello everyone!

Like I said in my last nail post, I needed a break from the dark wintery colours that have been on my nails since about September. So I decided to go for THIS turquoise sparkly look! This week, I was still feeling summery, so I went for some beige sparkle!

I'm really loving the bright mornings we're getting here in Manchester recently. The weather's decent until about dinner time then it turns grey and horrible but it's nice to wake up to the sun I suppose. 

Anyway, for this look I used the Barry M Gelly Paint in Lychee. I don't reach for this colour so often as my hands are really pale so it tends to look silly. I did however add the Revlon top coat in Stunning (absolute favourite nail polish these days) over the top and it turned out nice and sparkly. 

This is quite a sophisticated nail look in my opinion, it's very different from my usual black or red nails so I'll probably apply this again if I go to somewhere fancy! 

I don't know what nail colour I'll go with next week, I might have to have a browse of the Boots shelves and pick up something new... Any recommendations? 

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x


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