Maybelline Baby Skin Primer vs Benefit POREfessional Primer

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I was about to write my review of the new Maybelline Baby Skin primer and then I had the brainwave to write a comparison post. So killing two birds with one stone, here are my thoughts on the Baby Skin primer along with a comparison to Benefit's The POREfessional Primer.  

I picked up this primer a couple of weeks ago, you can see it in THIS haul post, with a genuine curiosity for the product and the intentions of reviewing it on the blog. I had no idea what to expect from it, I hadn't read any previous reviews but I do very much enjoy primers aimed at smoothing and de-poring the skin so I was excited for it. Since then, I've used it quite frequently, I generally switch between Baby Skin, Revlon Photo Ready and the Benefit POREfessional sample I have. I think I now have fairly conclusive views on the product but remember that my experiences may differ from your own.

The first thing I noticed when using this primer was how thick the product was, when I was applying it to my skin I had to really make an effort to evenly distribute it, it isn't easy to blend at all. I'd say it's much more of a gel consistency when compared to the liquid primers I'm accustomed to. Another thing I noticed upon application was how sticky it felt. Let me be clear, this product isn't actually sticky but compared to other primers it does initially feel sticky on the skin. After it's settled though it's completely fine for your foundation to go over the top. 

The product is a clear gel which I like, it doesn't colour correct as far as I can tell on my skin but it doesn't claim to do that either so it's okay. As far at what it does claim to be, a pore eraser, I think it does a fairly good job. It does eliminate the look of pores, I just apply it on my nose and chin as they're my main problem areas then just blend out from there and that works fine. What I am a little disappointed about it that it doesn't really smooth your skin. I used to use a primer from Avon, it was called something like Magic, and it was the best primer for smoothing your skin and creating a flawless base for your foundation. Baby Skin doesn't really do that, for me at least, which is unfortunate considering it's called 'Baby Skin'. 

I think this primer is really good value for money, you get a 22ml tube for £7.99 which is a great price. Despite my disappointment of it not creating the smoothest of skin, I do like the way it performs on pores, I think it does it's job very well and I think that if you're prepared to apply quite a lot of the product you could achieve smoother skin too. I like that it mattifies your skin, you could definitely just wear this with no foundation if you're having a good skin day. 

Now, the reason I'm moving on to this comparison is because I've seen so many people trying to persuade readers / viewers that this might be comparable to Benefit's POREfessional when, in my experience, the two couldn't be further apart. The only things you can say are similar between these two products are they they are both primers which claim to eliminate pores, they are both in green tubes and they both contain 22ml of product. Everything else is incomparable. 

First off, the colours are different, Baby Skin is a clear gel whereas the POREfessional has a peachy / nude-ish tint to it which has a colour correcting effect. It actually reduces redness really well. Texture wise, as I mentioned previously, Baby Skin feels like a gel, is quite thick and doesn't blend easily. In contrast, POREfessional has an extremely lightweight, smooth texture about it, probably because it's silicone based, it blends easily and seamlessly on the skin creating a very smooth base. 

Another difference I've picked up on is the scent of the products, Baby Skin doesn't have a smell, as far as I can tell whereas the POREfessional has a very distinct kind of plasticky scent. Some people may really dislike that, it smells very artificial. 

Baby Skin and the POREfessional have different effects on the skin and they look very different under foundation. I find that with the POREfessional you can achieve and extremely smooth and perfected base for your foundation, not only does it erase the look of pores, it smooths other imperfections and colour corrects too. Baby Skin does mask your pores but it doesn't really smooth your skin. You can definitely achieve a more flawless look with the POREfessional. Something I do prefer over the POREfessional however is that you can wear Baby Skin on it's own as it's clear so it doesn't manipulate the tone of your skin. If you wore the POREfessional on it's own I don't think it'd look like normal skin. 

It may seem like I've totally slated the Baby Skin primer here but in all honesty, I really don't dislike it. I just wish it did more. Fair enough it eliminates the look of pores but it really doesn't create the 'baby skin' effect that you can create with the POREfessional. When you consider the price factor, the Baby Skin is definitely better value for money. When you're looking at prices like £24.50 on something that goes underneath your foundation I think you'd have to really justify that kind of money. Unless of course it's a moisturiser or another skin cream that you need. If you think that you would definitely benefit from the POREessional over the Baby Skin and it will totally transform the way your makeup looks then go for it, it's an excellent product but if you think you can get the makeup look you want from a cheaper primer then why spend copious amounts of money?

You'll all laugh in a months time when I come on here with a beauty haul and a full sized POREfessional primer is in it... I have issues haha. Do as I say, not as I do guys!

Anyway, I've talked too much on this post, I'm totally out of primer conversation! If you do have any questions though, I'll be happy to answer them in the comments, that's what I'm here for. 


Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x

P.S. The lack of posts recently is the fault of my Shakespeare portfolio due on the 17th Feb. Normal service will resume next week!  :D


  1. Great post, incredibly helpful :) thank you x

  2. Been uhmming and ahhing over whether a primer is worth the hype
    but I think I'll give this particular one a miss
    thanks for the review!

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    1. No problem, glad you found it helpful! x

  3. Great review!! I really really want to get the maybelline primer now, since it's within my budget

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