A very random haul...

Hello everyone!

How are you? Hope you're all doing well. Also, an extra welcome to my new followers!
First of all, February has arrived, I can't believe how quickly January went. I think I missed it when I blinked. The weather has taken a turn for the worst, It's grey, miserable, chucking it down and the wind is terrible (hence this naughty day off university). I'm supposed to be writing my Shakespeare essay right now...

I have a few things I want to show you and tell you about so this is a very random haul. Enjoy!

There's quite a mixture I'm warning you haha.

If anyone has an M&S outlet near them, you really need to visit it. M&S is pretty pricy and their clothing is a little old fashioned or work style-y but their underwear and pyjamas are really good. They are quite expensive, I'll admit, that's why you need to visit an outlet to get the best deals. From the outlet near me, I picked up a new pair of PJs. They're so cute and you can tell by the material and design that they're pretty pricy. I don't mind spending a bit more on pyjamas because I do a lot of hanging around in the day with them on too... lazy student.

This pair has an owl design on them, they have turn ups at the bottom and they're really comfy. I also picked up some bras from their Valentines day range which I really like too. M&S underwear lasts for ages which is why I like it so much. I've bought bras from New Look, La Senza and even Ann Summers and they always get ruined after a few months of washing them. I haven't had any problems with M&S bras though. Highly recommended from me. And I promise, they're not old fashioned!

I picked up two things from TKMAxx, this owl cup was actually for my mum but I thought I'd show you anyway. It's just a small coffee cup, I just like the design on the handle which is repeated inside the cup too!

This set of draws was also from TKMaxx, it's really annoying that I can't link to these things because they're really unique but TKMaxx is a bit unreliable with repeated stock. Anyway, I picked them up to use for jewellery storage and other little bits and pieces. I think they're really unusual and colourful. They don't really match my room but...hey ho!

They actually fit quite a lot in them too, surprisingly. 

This is how they look in my room! 

I bought this dress in the sale from ASOS. I needed a 'flapper' style dress because my friend is having a Great Gatsby style birthday. This was, basically, the cheapest one I found find (ebay included) and I actually really like it. Didn't know what to expect but I just thought if I don't like it, I can return it and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. If it wasn't for the tassels at the bottom, I'd wear it again. 

It's really thick material and hangs nicely when you wear it. It's fully lined too which I didn't expect. I'll probably pair a long necklace with it, some black tights and heels! I'll try to do an outfit post but I'll be at her university when I'm getting ready etc so I'll try but I'm not promising. 

This was £18 discounted from £45. Unfortunately it's out of stock now but I'll no doubt be putting this on ebay/blog sale when I've finished with it. 

I have anther themed birthday coming up this friday, a masquerade ball! I've always fancied wearing one of these masks, reminds me of Romeo and Juliet! 

I really like this one, I was going to get one with feathers but we're going out to Manchester after her party and it would probably get ruined, this one it less likely to and I'd like to use it as a decoration in my room after. 

I bought this from eBay for £7.49

I have two books to show you now! If you didn't know already, horror is my genre. I love it, not particularly gore but anything supernatural, thriller, psychological I really like so when I saw The Haunting of Hill House and Hell House on the top of Amazon's most frightening reads list, I bought them. 

I actually bought them from Play.com though as they were cheaper on there than Amazon. The postage was quick and free, I was really impressed considering Hell House came from America. 

I'm currently half way through The Haunting of Hill house so I'll let you know what they're like when I've read them. They're quite similar novels too so a comparison post is definitely needed!

Something a little less exciting, but I needed to let you know. Morrisons have a clothing range now called Nut Meg. It's been out a few months but I haven't looked around it until Tom was buying a card and these socks happened to be right there. 5 pairs for £2! Now that's cheaper then Primark my friends!

Lastly, I picked up this FiloFax from TKMaxx for a significantly cheaper price than on the FiloFax website. They're about £40 usually and I got this for £12.99. This is exactly like the design I would have bought anyway, I buy most things in black as I know that it's a colour I don't get bored with (other than green!). 

I thought this would come in useful for my blog, after using the calendar download throughout Jan I just treated myself really. I must say though, the inserts for it are a bit pricy. I had to buy a 2014 calendar for it as the old one it came with was still 2013. It cost £7 from Tesco to replace it. Some were about £9, extortionate! But, I'm glad that I bought it and I know it will last me for years. 

That's everything! From socks to a FiloFax to a Mask and everything in between, I told you it was random!

See you next time, 
Leanne x


  1. I love those draws! I'm really into my pastels recently :)
    I also never realised how good some produced from TXMaxx are! Need to do a haul there!

    1. You should definitely have a look round there some time, they have some really unusual things! x


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