120 Eyeshadow Palette Unboxing!

Hi everyone!

As I mentioned in my Urban Decay Ammo 2 post, I said that I was interested in dabbling with some colourful eyeshadow this Spring / Summer. I have been using the shades in the Ammo pallet and have been really enjoying them so I decided it was time to get some more variety in my life!

As I know that colourful eyeshadows are not something I will get loads of use out of I was kind of on a little bargain hunt for some nice eyeshadows. Ebay. I've been eyeing up these 120, 88 etc. eyeshadow pallets for some time as it seems that every woman and her dog has one. Therefore, I ordered one for myself after watching a few reviews they seemed to come with a vast variety of colours at an excellent price. I paid £6.49 for my 120 colour palette with free shipping. (Links will be below).

The shipping was very fast, I ordered it on Friday and received it on Wednesday. Pretty nifty for a free shipping service in my opinion. 

The palette came packaged really well with bubble wrap and everything your might expect. 


Despite the good packaging, when I opened the palette I noticed that three of the eyeshadows had shattered during the transit process. This disappointed me greatly. I was so excited to receive the item and some of them are completely not useable.

On the positive side, two of the eyeshadows that were affected I probably wouldn't ever have used anyway. One was an extremely bright blue which, as my eyes are blue, I probably wouldn't have used anyway. Additionally, there was a yellow colour that was damaged which isn't really a colour I'd use either. The only one I would have used is a dark olive green which makes me sad because green's my favourite colour. Having said that, there are plenty of other colours to choose from.

I haven't opened the palette yet, it comes with a protective film around the colours, as I have emailed the seller and she asked me to send her pictures of the damage. I'm currently waiting for a reply. If she offers to send another one that's cool but if she asks me to return this one to get a new one I'll probably just leave it because considering the price I paid for it it's not worth the postage sending it back. 

Considering this, I would recommend the palette up to now. I haven't tried any of the colours because as I said before the film is still on it. Despite the three broken shadows, I still have 117 to work with and where else can you find 117 shadows for £6.49? 

I intend to write another post soon letting you know what came of the broken shadows. If I'm honest, I don't think it's damaged enough to receive a free replacement and I think i'll just have to deal with it but I will let you know and talk about the colour pay off etc on my next post.

Hope this is useful for anyone who is thinking of buying eyeshadow off Ebay. I think there's always a risk of receiving damaged products when you're ordering things online. It can't really be prevented can it? 

Anyway, Thanks for reading!



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