'Sleep Time' app review and The Dream Tag!

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I have another tag post for your today, it's called the 'Dream Tag'.

This post was actually provoked by a really interesting iPhone App I've been using recently called 'Sleep Time'. You can download it for free from the App store and, basically, it is an alarm clock which aims to wake you up during your lightest sleep so that you wakeup happier than when your normal alarm clock wakes you up.

You put it under your pillow at night and it analyses your sleep patterns by how much deep/REM sleep and light sleep you get and how long you're awake for during the night. I believe that this is done by it monitoring your movements during the night. This is the main reason I downloaded the app, I was interested in my sleeping pattern and I've found out that I don't get very much deep sleep.

I definitely recommend this app if you're interested in seeing how much quality sleep you're getting or if you'd just like to be woken up by an alarm clock that sensors when you're most awake. It's very interesting.

As you can see, I don't really get that much deep sleep.

The Dream Tag

So, I found this tag online and thought it was pretty cool and would fit in well with this post, I hope you enjoy reading it.

1. Do you dream?
Yes, I dream pretty much every night.

2. What did you dream about last night?
Last night I vividly remember dreaming about spiders. I was, weirdly, in my nana's front room and there were two clear boxes, one had two big tarantulas in it and loads of baby tarantulas and the other box just had one huge tarantula in it. Then I remember my mum emptying the one with lots of spiders out on the floor and they all just ran in every direction. It was horrendous. I frequently dream about spiders though. Usually they're crawling up the walls of my room.

This actually made me believe in the accuracy of the Sleep Time app because after the dream I woke up and couldn't sleep for a while after and the graph on the app shows that I was awake in the middle of the night for a while.

3. How many dreams do you usually remember?
Usually I only remember one dream, and most of the time I can remember it for 10 minutes when I wake up then it disappears. I wish we could record our dreams and watch them back. How cool would that be?

4. Do you have a dream journal?
Nope, I would like to keep one actually, I think a lot of good ideas come to mind through dreams but I know that if I woke up in the night I'd never start writing anything down. I'm too lazy :D

5. How often do you have nightmares?
I have nightmares quite a lot actually. Well I don't know how any nightmares people have on average, but I do have quite a few. Like last night's spider episode for example. Usually I have dreams that someone's coming to get me too. It's so weird.

6. Do you lucid dream?
Just had to Google what 'lucid' means and it says 'expressed clearly / easy to understand'.

My dreams are usually quite clear, yes. But in terms of do they reflect my life, as in are they easy to understand in terms of what happens in my life, not really. My dreams are completely random. Sometimes I'll think of something during the day and it will crop up in my dream but with relation to the story of my dreams I don't really understand them. I understand the spider ones, I hate spiders, maybe my brains trying to do that 'flooding' thing they use to cure phobias. It's not working.

7. Do you dream in colour?
As far as I'm aware, yes. I've never thought 'that was a weird black and white dream'.

8. Do you dream in 1st person?
Yes, I don't think, or I can't remember, ever seeing myself in a dream. I'm always seeing out of my own eyes.

9. Do you have reoccurring dreams?
I have certain aspects which sometimes reoccur in my dreams. I've dreamt a few times of a tunnel as in a train tunnel and every time I've seen it in my dream I always think I've seen it before. But I don't think I've ever had the exact same dream more than once.

10. Have you ever had deja vu?
Yes I have. I don't get it frequently, I probably experience it once a year, if that. It is a very weird feeling though, isn't it?

Feel free to do the tag yourself and comment with your blog so I can read it! :)


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