My cheese scone disaster.

Hey everyone!

You know when it's coming up to exam season and you have like 4 exams to revise for but there are so many, much more important things to do your life instead, like bake scones? 

I'm there right now. Procrastination. 

Anyway I was browsing MissBudgetBeauty's blog, not because I'm a stalker or anything, I just decided that seeing as though I'd only just discovered I could subscribe to the blog even though it's not on Blogger I definitely had to read every single post to familiarise myself with it ......... procrastination at it's finest!

Anyway, I came across a food post for making cheese scones and I love cheese and I love scones so my brain was like 'challenge accepted'. 

I'll link the post below so you can attempt this yourself and hopefully yours will turn out better than mine!

For a kick off, I could NOT get the mixture to a doughy consistency, it was refusing, it was just like a cake mixture and my arm was falling off with all the mixing so I kept adding more self raising flour to try and make it doughy. You can see the disaster in the picture below: 

After adding approx half a bag of flour I managed to get it kiiiind of doughy enough to actually roll it out.

I cut out circles with a cup because I don't have a pastry cutter affair. This worked smashingly I might add. However, I think I rolled the dough far too thickly to allow them to rise because I basically ended up with cheese-ish biscuits:

If you want my honest opinion they were not nice which was disappointing because as they were cooking they smelt delicious. They weren't horrible in taste it was just that they tasted of nothing! And I used all the right measurements that were written in the post. I don't know what happened. Maybe the vast amounts of flour just took away the taste. 

The only way they were edible was to coat them in butter and Philadelphia cheese which defeats the object slightly doesn't it?

Then, as I was walking through the cake and pastry section in ASDA yesterday I saw a packet of cheesy scones looking at me. It was as if they were mocking me. Never seen them before yet there they were. 

ANYWAY! I thought I'd just share with you my baking disaster. I am going to try this again with much much more cheese and maybe some bicarbonate of soda or something to make them rise.

Have you attempted this recipe? Or have you had any baking disasters recently?

Thanks for reading!


P.s. Just thought I'd tell you a comment Tom came out with yesterday that cracked me up, 'I think one day you should put every eyeshadow colour you have on your eyes at once' ... is he trolling? hahah:D


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