Today has been consumed by revision. As if Mondays aren't bad enough without trying to get your head around German past participles! Due to my lack of attendance to my classes this year I've only made the task more difficult for myself. It's such a chore. But it has to be done, my exam is on Friday then I have an English exam next Wednesday and then I have about a ten day break until my next one. That will be greatly needed!

I've read about a new beauty box subscription service which is launching soon and I'm debating whether to sign up. I've never subscribed to a service like this before but you can actually choose your box each month with this one so that's quite appealing to me. I think they're called Beauteco. You can sign up here.

An update on the Model's Own Ibiza Mix nail varnish. It's starting to chip at the end of my nails, I've had it on for a good 4 days now so it's done quite well for such a thick nail varnish and I haven't been inclined to pick it off either! Winner winner. Definitely excelled my expectations. 

My biggest and most exciting news is that I have booked a holidayyy!! Tom and I are going away on the 7th of June (only a month away!) for a week to Corfu, Greece. We're going to just kick a chill for a week, not to go clubbing night after night. Been there, done that in Magaluf when I was 18. Don't think I'd do it again any time soon!

I am so looking forward to it. I haven't been abroad for 2 years and on that holiday I hardly saw any sun due to the amount of drinking we did at night!

So, this means there should be some upcoming haul posts and holiday blogs. May actually venture out to vlog whilst we're away. Not too sure yet though. I just can't contain my excitement! It gives me something to work towards while I'm revising for all my exams and it's not even too far away. Lovely.

Also, I'm on my 6th day of the 30 Day Shred I think and I have been doing it every day despite my hatred for it on the first day haha. My body has been aching for a few days, especially in my arms and legs so it must be doing something. I'm going to continue to do the shred and I'll keep you posted on my experience. Working towards a nice toned tummy for my jollies!

Anyway, thanks for reading this jumbled post! hope it was slightly interesting. I have a busy 10 days a head of me with two exams being so close together so my posts may be few and far between, sorry about that!

P.s. Hector says 'Helloooo'.


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