Jewellery clear out and organisation!

Hello everyone!

I've been looking at my jewellery stand for sometime now thinking 'woah you really need sorting out'.

Today was the day!

It was really messy and I just used to wear whatever was on top so that I didn't have to risk it falling over. One time I came in after a night out reaaaaly drunk and knocked it all over. Not a great thing to have to organise when you're hungover the next day.

I've thrown away quite a few necklaces and things because I just never wear them and the metal's starting to go a funny colour. Why keep them?

Anyway, here are a few pictures I've taken:

Before taking all the jewellery off and the pretty mannequin! 



It looks just as messy on this picture! It is a lot more organised and stable though, not in fear it's going to fall over at any time. I decided to hang some earrings on some drawing pin things I have which just makes it that little bit less cluttered. 

I have tonnes more jewellery but some of them are more valuable as opposed to this bunch of costume jewellery. The good stuff chills in boxes. I think the mannequin looks a lot better now though. I doubt it will remain like this for very long though.

I've had my eye on another mannequin stand in Debenhams which I think I might buy when I have some spare cash and I will do another, better organisation thing!

Hope you enjoyed reading this!


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