Most loved items, March 2013.

Hello everyone! How are you?

I've been collecting a mental list of items that are popular in my life, honestly, since about February. So in this post I'm going to share my most used / loved items. I say 'Items' because I don't just mean makeup products, I'm going to talk about general things as well. 

 First off, with regards to makeup I really haven't been venturing out to anything different but I have been loving my 'Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer' which I picked up a week or so ago. I had never used this concealer before but since I bought it I have been using it all the time, I think it's really worth the hype and I would definitely buy it again. Also, because my everyday makeup is quite plain, recently I've been wearing really bright red and pink lipsticks just to make my face a bit more bright and not boring!

I have also been very fond of the Soap & Glory 'Scrub Your Nose In It'. 'Scrub Your Nose In It' is, obviously, a nose exfoliant. The idea is that you rub it into your nose and it cleans your pours. I, however, tend to scrub my face in it. I find it so refreshing and it really wakes you up. It smells minty, kind of like Tea Tree but it's not over powering. I would recommend that you don't use it everyday, twice a day like I did because it is quite strong and I think it's dried my skin out so I'm on a bit of a break from it at the moment. I still love it nonetheless. 

Also, does anybody else's nails have a little tantrum every so often, usually when you've just got them to a nice length, and they all just snap and become horrible? This is happening to me now. So as a result I've been more inclined to use very light coloured nail varnish. I think when nails are having a paddy It's best to just put a light shade on them to make them sturdy but not too noticeable. 

Other things I've been loving include the 'Batiste' dry shampoo. Who doesn't love this? It's getting quite ridiculous though I'm going through a bottle a week! 

Randomly, I've been almost glued to my piano recently. I've been learning 'Look after you' by The Fray. I only have about two pages left to learn and it sounds pretty good, without blowing my own trumpet, I like it!

I'm sure there has been more but these are the things which jump to mind. I also don't want to ramble on as I do too often. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

P.s. Are these pictures better, I used my camera instead of my iPhone. Can you tell the difference?


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