MUA Nail Varnish Review!

Hey everyone!

Yesterday, I was shopping and whilst browsing the shelves of Superdrug I decided to treat myself to a few new nail varnishes.

I don't particularly enjoy painting my nails, I think it's tedious and I hate waiting for them to dry but I thought that if I had some nice new colours I might be more inclined to paint them. 

I was looking at MUA as I really wanted to buy their pressed powder highlighter however they only had one left and it had been opened so I didn't get one. I was tres disappointed. 

But, I did pick up a few of their nail varnishes!

I chose Pistachio Ice Cream, Lush Lilac and Bright Coral.

I have just painted my nails with Pistachio Ice Cream and I absolutely love the colour. It's a mint green colour and with a few coats it dries very opaque and smoothly. 10/10 for £1. What else can you ask for, for a pound?

I think they have a good range of colours, I hope they bring out more though and I think the coral colour will look lovely on toes during the summer. I think maybe they're aiming to be a very cheaper alternative to the Essie nail varnishes with the likeness of packaging etc. The MUA version is still very good quality!

What do you think of MUA nail varnishes? 

Thanks for reading!

P.s. If you read my 120 Palette Review yesterday, I received an email this morning telling me a replacement palette has been sent! Yay! 


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