Models Own Ibiza Mix Nail Varnish Review!

Hi everyone!

I recently picked up the Models Own Hed Kandi nail varnish in Ibiza Mix. It was £5 from Boots and I'll link it below. 

I was so attracted to all the multi-coloured glitter in it that I had to buy it even though I didn't think lots of glitter would come out on the brush.

I actually planned to put on one coat of nail varnish, dip in it glitter then add another coat but that didn't work because the glitter pieces were too big and it looked a little silly.

I was determined to make this nail varnish work though because it's so pretty, so I just kept adding more layers.

Plain nail, One coat, Two coats.
After three coats my nails are pretty much smothered in glitter.

My advise when applying this is to be patient. Don't brush away the glitter from the brush as you take it out of the pot and just try to evenly distribute it around the nail.

Warning! This will take quite a long time to dry so do all housework etc. before and give it plenty of time to set.

So this is the result I've ended up with. Bear in mind on this picture it hasn't dried:

This is how they look after they dried:

The nail varnish is very pretty and the brush is nice and thick to apply it with. You get a lot of product in the bottle, 14ml, so if it's well looked after it will last a long time.

With regards to staying power I don't think this nail varnish will last very long. I think it will chip easily and as it's so think on the nail, if you apply a lot like me, you'll probably be more inclined to pick it off.
Overall, I think this nail varnish looks beautiful on the nails, it's very very glittery with a few coats also, I think it would make a very nice top coat if you have a coloured nail varnish underneath which maybe is it's intended purpose?

Would I buy more in this range? Maybe yes, if it lasts longer than I think it will so it's worth sitting there painting them over and over again and waiting for them to dry, then I might do. If it starts to chip tomorrow, probably not. I'll let you know how it goes!

Thanks for reading! 
Hope this was helpful.


Despite all my best efforts, for some reason I can't find the nail varnish on Boots or Superdrug. However, I have found it on the Models Own website, you can see that here.
If you went in to a Boots or Superdrug I'm sure you'd be able to find it though :)


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