Hector Videos!

Hello There! 

Haven't really got much to say for myself today other than I'm writing to share a few videos of Hector I've recently filmed!


Hector eating Dandelion Leaves:

Hector's tank set-up:

This is my Beardie Hector.
In his tank he has:
60W heat lamp (pets at home)
UV bulb
Heat mat, we use this at night, he sleeps under his log which is why there is some reptile carpet under there. The heat mat is under the stone slates which heats up the carpet.
I don't use sand substrate because it's not the best for their health, so I bought some stone slabs, these are easier to clean and wipe down.
Basking rock (he is IN LOVE with it, I took it out once to clean and he was walking up and down his tank looking for it)
Branch, this is out of my garden, I disinfected it and left it to dry he loves it. They cost so much to buy!
He also has a large rock in the 'cool' side of his tank. This is actually from our old fish tank. Again I cleaned it and disinfected it and left it to dry. He rarely sits on it but it just looks good!
Hammock, again he rarely sits on it so it's just decoration. One day he may fancy a change.
His background I made myself out of polystyrene. I just cut out bits and stuck them on a large sheet of polystyrene with no more nails and painted it. It works really well and looks realistic. The whole thing probably cost less than £10 to make. I got the polystyrene from Wicks and paint from B&Q. It is a bit messy though because he's taken to digging into it!
Water bowl
Food dish, he has dandelion leaves in it in the video.

Just to mention at the start, the things hanging from the wall are baubles. I decorated his tank for Christmas and just kind of left them there. Adds some colour to his tank haha!

Thanks for reading, any questions, just post in the comments and I'll reply!


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