Hello everyone!

Are we all enjoying the first sight of sunshine in the UK? it's been a whopping 24 degrees today (well that's what the car said haha) puts me in such a good mood!

Is anyone watching the Snooker Championship final? I am! I think Ronnie's gonna win :D

I have discovered that Hector (my bearded dragon) loves dandelion leaves! I read that they were good for beardies so I went to the woods and picked him loads and he can't get enough of them, so happy I've found something for his salad bowl that he actually likes :)

I've been having a little break from revision over that last few days but tomorrow I'm back to it, I have 6 days until my next exam so I need to get cracking with it. Really can't wait for them all to be over.

I've been sorting out my holiday clothes and yesterday I bought a new pair of denim shorts, I really love them, my other denim shorts are a size 12 and look too baggy so I'm glad I have a new pair for my jollies! You can expect to see a holiday clothes kind of post within the next few weeks!

Also, Tom downloaded Photoshop for me! I'm sooo excited! I used to have photoshop on my old laptop years ago and I used it all the time but the version I had wasn't compatible with mac but now I have it on my mac and I plan to make a header soon for the top of my blog. Sooo excited. Might have to wait until after my exams though because I have a feeling it'll be time consuming.

Lastly, I have finished (and passed!) my makeup artistry course so I'm thinking of starting a series of posts on makeup tips, kind of sharing my newly found knowledge. What do you think? I'm considering starting with 'Eyebrows'. For example, how to shape them for different face shapes and colour and materials to use, things like that. Let me know what you think :) 

So I just I thought I'd finish by sharing a few pictures with you from the last few days, enjoy!

King of Pride Rock!

Tom and I went to a Japanese restaurant in Manchester and there was a shop. The strawberry panda biscuits are my favourite! 

Thanks for reading! 


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