MaxFactor 'Max Effect Mini Nail Polish' Review

Hello everybody

I have here some of MaxFactor's mini nail polishes to show you. I really love these nail polishes, the first one I got was the red one called 'Red Passion' I got this free in one of them boxes they do occasionally, you know where if you spend £15 you get a free gift? One of them.

'Red Passion' is my favourite one of the 3, the colour is absolutely gorgeous, it's a vibrant red with pink under tones. You can apply a thin layer to clearly see the pink tones or you can apply a thick coat to get a bright, kind of strawberry looking red. It's such a flattering colour.

The other two colours I have are 'Candy Blue' and 'Lacquer Black'. The blue is a deep, almost navy blue and the black is just a plain black colour. I really like black nail polish but my skin is so fair it sometimes looks too black. I find the blue a good substitute, it's dark but not too dark for my skin. 

Alone, they dry quite shiny, they don't claim to have a shine finish but they do have a nice finish on their own. If you want to add a top coat this will probably make them look super shiny. I just don't bother with base/top coats because I find waiting for it all to dry too tedious!

Usually the nail polish lasts around two/three days before it really starts to chip, again, this would be longer if you wanted to add a top coat. 

I think overall these are very nice nail polishes. They are mini sizes which I like because if you get lots of product they don't last well anyway. 

They are £3.99 each and you get 3.6ml. You can buy them HERE.

Would I recommend this product? yes.
Would I repurchase this product? yes.

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