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Hey everyone!

I've had this tag post chilling in my drafts for so long so I thought today was the day to make it happen, enjoy!


Blush or Bronzer? 
Definitely blush, bronzer looks silly on my pale skin in day-to-day life. I use bronzer if I'm on a night out though. For the sake of the pictures. How vain? haha
Lipgloss or Lipstick?
Lipstick. I wear my hair down a lot and there's nothing worse than your hair sticking to your lipgloss! Also, I think lipstick stays on longer. 
Eyeliner or Mascara?
Mascara. I have blonde eyelashes so I look mental if they don't have mascara on them.
Foundation or Concealer? 
Foundation. A good foundation can cover up blemishes as well to an extent. 
Neutral or Colour Eyeshadow?
On an everyday look I go for neutrals. I tend to dip in to colour on a night out. Generally though I would say neutrals.
Pressed or Loose Eyeshadows?
Pressed. I prefer everything pressed. It's so much easier.
Brushes or Sponges?
Brushes. I don't have many of either but I definitely use more brushes. 
(I'm looking for a good brush set to buy at the moment. One that's not going to rob me of £60/£70/£80 like they tend to cost. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know! :D)


OPI or China Glaze?
I can't comment I haven't used either.
Long or Short?
Acrylic or Natural?
Natural, just because of the ease of it. I think some acrylic nails look gorgeous.
Bright or Dark?
Dark, I do dip in and out of light colours but I definitely prefer dark.
Flower or No Flower?
No Flower.


Perfume or Body Splash?
Lotion or Body Butter?
Lotion AND Body Butter, for different uses.
Body Wash or Soap?
Body Wash, such as shower gel etc.
Lush or other bath company?
I enjoy Lush but I don't ever go there so I'd have to say something else. Maybe Soap & Glory.


Jeans or Sweatpants?
I wear neither but probably jeans if I had to wear one.
Long sleeve or Short?
Long. It's always freezing in the UK.
Dresses or Skirts?
Skirts. Dresses can look too funky on me.
Stripes or Plaid?
Flip Flops or Sandals?
Sandals, I find them flip flops which go between your toes too uncomfortable.
Hats or Scarves?
Studs or Dangly earrings?
Necklaces or Bracelets?
I typically wear more necklaces. But I enjoy wearing both.
Heels or Flats?
Flats. Just for the ease of life.
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots?
I have owned some cowboy boots in the past. I also have riding boots. In general life I just wear ordinary boots though.
Jacket or Hoodie?
Jacket, my sister has well and truly robbed my only hoodie. 
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe?
I've only ever visited Forever 21 so, Forever 21.
Abercombie or Hollister?
Saks 5th or Nordstrom? 
I have never visited these shops unfortunately, we don't have them.


Curly or Straight?
My hair is curly but I prefer it straight.
Bun or Pony Tail?
Pony Tail
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips?
Bobby Pins
Hair Spray or Gel?
Hair Spray (Elnett Strong Hold!) 
Long or Short?
Light or Dark?
Side Sweep fringe or Full fringe?
Up or Down?


Rain or Shine?
Summer or Winter?
Summer (When we get one in the UK)
Fall or Spring?
Chocolate or vanilla?
East Coast or West Coast?
West (of the UK)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I tag everyone who has read it. Leave a link to your answers in the comments and I'll definitely read them!

P.s. Hi Tom! 


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