Hello everyone!

I am SO excited right now. I've been trying for HOURS, DAYS well basically since last night to get some form of Pinterest button on my blog.

Nothing at all was working. I was going mental. Code upon code and just nothing changed! It was so frustrating! 

Alas! I have finally managed to get a Pinterest button to appear when you hover over my pictures. Ideally, I wanted a button at the bottom of my posts but I just wasn't getting anywhere with that. I'm disappointed because I'm usually quite good with codes and what-not but this was getting right on my last nerve. I read that there was problems if you have a Dynamic View template but mines a Simple template argh! 

Anyway, I've finally managed to get SOMETHING to work haha. So, now, if you hover over the images on my posts and click on them you can Pin the images! Woo! *Dance Dance*

It seems trivial, but I've been staring at codes for hours :|.

If you're interested, I used THIS tutorial :)


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