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A few months back, I bought and completed an online Makeup Artistry Course with Trendimi. I bought it at a highly discounted price from Groupon. If I remember rightly, I paid about £30 for it and the RRP price was hitting the £300 mark. I would not have paid £300 to complete it. And had I paid that amount I think I'd have been quite disappointed. However, it did allow me to learn some new techniques and pick up some information along the way. (I did actually pass the course btw haha).

Within this post I thought I'd share some info I gained on eyebrows

Eyebrows create a frame to your face and can effect your facial expression, it's important to recognise what eyebrow shape best suits you in order to create natural alluring looking brows.

Eyebrows have 3 sections: 
The Body of the brow -  from the inner start point to the highest point. 
The Tail of the brow - The outer part and the narrowest part. 
The Arch of the brow - the highest point where we often pluck. 

Types of Eyebrows:

Raised Brow - Creates a happy expression. This is what you want to aim for when shaping/ filling in your brow.
Short Brow - Can easily be lengthened by adding pencil to the inner and outer edges.
Long Brow - Can be plucked in order to bring them to the ideal length.
Thick Brow - Can be plucked either above/below the arch to reach ideal thickness.
Thin Brow - Augmented by filling in with pencil or powder.
Drooping eyes - Can give the appearance of sadness. To correct this, pluck the ends of the brow and fill in a higher arch with a pencil.  
Wide Spaced eyes - if the distance between your eyes is longer that the distance between the tear ducts of your eye, you can correct this by making the start point of your brows closer together.

To Create The Ideal Frame

Step 1 - Create an imaginary line from the edge of the nostril to the inner corner of the eye, continuing directly upwards towards the eyebrow. This is the ideal 'start' point for your eyebrow.
Step 2 - Create another line from the edge of the nostril to the outer edge of the eye extending to the outer part of the eyebrow. This is the ideal 'end' to your eyebrow.
Step 3 - Create a line from the outer corner of the lips which runs through the iris and up towards the eyebrow. This is the ideal 'arch'.

To do this, you could use the handle of a fine brush or a pencil etc. This makes plucking the eyebrows easier to determine.

Different Products 

To fill in the eyebrows you can use:
Pencil - If you have very sparse eyebrows you can draw in additional hairs to make them look fuller. Using a pencil you can create eyebrows very precisely. 
Powder - With powder and an angled eyebrow brush you can fill in your eyebrows and add colour. Not as precise as an eyebrow pencil.

The best way to determine which way you prefer is to fill one eyebrow with pencil and the other with powder and see which you think looks best.

Eyebrows and Eyes

Sunken eyes - Eyebrows should be thin.
Protruding eyes - Make eyebrows look wide.
Eyes set close together - Make eyebrows wide and a little further apart.
Eyes set wide apart - Make eyebrows start closer to the centre.
Round eyes - Lengthen eyebrows towards the temple.
Droopy eyes - Make eyebrows thick and raised at the arch.
Small eyes - Make eyebrows long and with a high arch.

Eyebrows and Face

Round face - Create a slight point in the eyebrow shape at the arch.
Elongated face - Eyebrow is best kept horizontal with not too high arch.
Square face - Eyebrows should be rounded and arched but not pointed.
Rectangular face - Keep eyebrows rounded and horizontal.
Triangular face - Eyebrows should be short in length and arch should be emphasised. 

I hope this was useful to anyone looking on how to get the perfect brows! 
Any questions leave them in the comments below and I'll get back to you, thanks for reading!

Disclaimer - All images are taken from Trendimi Website http://www.trendimi.com/userCourseModules.php?id=3
I own no rights to these photos.


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