Primark holiday shopping!

Helloo everyone!

Hope you're all doing well.

I am finally half way through my exams, 2 down, 2 to go! My English one wasn't too bad, have a feeling my next 2 are going to be a pair of bi**hes though!

Anyway, I recently went shopping for a few holiday bits in good ol' Primarni. They had quite a good selection of holiday clothes but I didn't buy much because I have a feeling that over the next few weeks they'll be switching stock to more summer things :)

So I'll show you the few things I did buy.

First, I picked up 3 pairs of shorts, just for the day time they're made of really thin cotton so they'll be nice for just shoving on for around the pool etc.

They were £3 each and I bought them in a size 12, one size bigger than my normal size because I find that sizes run smaller in Primark and I definitely don't want clothes sticking to me in hot weather.

All in all, for £9 I think I got a very good deal. Debating going back for more because they didn't have many in my size.

Secondly, I bought a green vest top affair. I think this is going to be for night time because although it's almost thread bare it's made of a wool-like material and I don't think that's ideal for the day time weather! Once again it's size 12. The photo makes it look blue but it's actually a mint green, they also had it in purple and white, might go back for them! It was £5.

I also purchased 2 crop tops. I'm not sure about them though, I'm not keen on the neckline so I'm considering cutting them to make them a shape I like. They were only £3 each so it's no big deal if I make a mess of it :) let me know what you think! Haha

What made me laugh was, we went in Primark first and I bought these two crop tops for £3 each and then we went in River Island (how nice are their bikinis?!) and the exact same white crop top was in there for £10. Honestly there was no difference between them, maybe the River Island one was made of thicker material but they genuinely looked like the same top. Crazy. 

Lastly, I decided a new pair of shades is a must. These are from Topman (not Topshop) and they were £10 but I got them for £9 with student discount ;) I like them very much and I also got a free little baggy for them! Winner winner!

Aaaand that's yer lot! I'm digging out some summer dresses from the depths of my wardrobe to take because I'm not really wanting to spend a load of money on clothes I'll only wear once on holiday! I'll let you know how it goes :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

P.s. The answer was Nelson Mandela! (if you read my last post).


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