Wednesday, Thursday + Bargainous IKEA Mirror

Hello everybody! How are you?

If you haven't already noticed, I have joined Twitter! Well, I already have a Twitter account but I've had it for 4 years and it's just not beauty related or anything to do with my blog and I have lots of people I know on it so I don't really want to be posting things about beauty topics on there and maybe them people don't want to read it. So yes, new Twitter. You can follow me @MystNeonLights. Mysterious was too long and NeonLights was already taken damn it! I've only just started that account so it's just getting it's feet on the ground. Visitors and followers would be appreciated (and I usually follow back) :D 

Yesterday, my Mum, Sister, Cousin and I visited York for the day. We had a ticket to go in the dungeons so we did that and had a walk around the shops. It was good fun and the dungeons were interesting (not particularly scary as they're made out to be) but worth a visit. I think my favourite part was the mirror maze. Has anyone been? I found that fun haha. 

It rained pretty much all day and getting up early for the train and getting back late tired me out. Plus, Caitlin wasn't on her best behaviour -_- she smashed a bottle of perfume in Next. Other than that though, it was really good. After I've been on holiday (8 days!) Tom and I want to go to Liverpool which should be goooood.

Today, my H&M order FINALLY arrived. I placed the order on the 7th May and I've only just received it. I'm rather shocked I paid £3.90 for that delivery. But never mind. It's here now. Keep your eyes peeled for a haul because them items with probably be in it!

Also, we went to Ikea today, I picked up a mirror in the sale for £3.50! We were in M&S just before and I was contemplating picking up a mirror around the £15 mark. So glad I didn't haha. It's not the poshest thing in the world but it does the job. I also picked up some tea light candles!

Today for dinner, I'm being healthy for once and I'm having a sandwich which I picked up from M&S today! Ham, Cheese and Pickle. How nice are M&S sandwiches? They are in a league of their own!

Has anyone been on any trips recently? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

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