Thursday + End of exams!

Hello Everyone! Long time no see!

I have been a terrible blogger this month, I think I've blogged a grand total of 3 times. Not acceptable! However, I do have my reasons, I've been doing my end of year exams this month and have been avidly revising between them so I just haven't had the time. Today was my last exam and my God it was a b**ch but never mind.

Anyway, as I'm waiting for my Dominos to arrive (mini self-celebration) I'm just doing a little catch up post.

It is hail stoning outside. Can you believe it? We're at the end of May and the heating's on 20 and it's miserable outside. This is England guys. 

Also, It's two weeks (and 1 day) until Tom and I go on holiday!!! I'm so excited and now I can finally think about it and pack my suitcase etc without feeling guilty that I have exams to think about. I think we're going to the Trafford Centre this weekend to finish off shopping which is exciting too. 

I can't even tell you things I've done over the last month because I've genuinely done hardly anything but revise. It's so sad. Tom's birthday was on the 20th and we celebrated it on-the-town on the 18th. That was fun!

Other than that, I have re-kindled my LOVE for TRUE BLOOD. I watched series 1-3 years ago then series 4 I watched half of but for some reason I couldn't find the channel it was played on in the UK so I missed half of series 4 and the whole of series 5. However! I have finally managed to watch ALL the seasons again including 4 and 5 and omg, I love it all over again. Series 6 starts mid June and I could dance with excitement. Btw, how bleedin' annoying is Bill in series 5? 'praise lilleth' ohhh no.

Aside from that, here are some random photographs from the last few weeks, enjoy:

My Dad made pizza! 

Hector going to the shops!

Revision for ONE exam

Hector, creepin'

Thanks for reading!


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