4 Things you may not know about me :)

Hello everyone!

I thought it'd be interesting to write a post telling you some facts you may not know about me! I see this kinda thing all over YT and I think it's really cool, not just to read but for me to think of some intriguing facts about myself! So I hope you enjoy reading this!

1. The name of my blog 'Mysterious Neon Lights' comes from one of my favourite songs ever. It's called 'The Rising Tide' by The Killers. There's a lyric in the song which says 'there's gonna be a mystery underneath those neon lights' and that's where it's derived from. I just really love that song! You should give it a listen if you don't know it, it's off their latest album 'Battle Born'. You can listen to the song HERE.

2. I play piano! We had music lessons in my high school for 3 years and then I look matters in to my own hands for the last two years of high school as I didn't take GCSE music. When I started college in 2009 I started piano lessons, I continued having lessons until Jan 2013 when I got to the point where I was happy with what I'd learnt and could apply that to my playing myself. I'm considering taking some lessons here and there over the summer just to brush up and see my teacher again!

3. I am officially qualified to teach English as a foreign language. Last summer I completed a TEFL course which allows me to teach English, as of yet I haven't had the opportunity to put this to practise :/ English lessons anyone? I also have a makeup artistry qualification which I completed in April 2013. I don't know why I enjoy doing these random courses!

TEFL Folder!

4. I study a Combined Honours English and Linguistics degree at Manchester Met. University. I've just finished my second year exams and I'll be starting my 3rd and final year in September 2013. The past 2 years have gone so fast! I remember being so nervous when I first started and now I only have a year left. Still have no idea what I want to do career wise, cutting it pretty fine now I know but hopefully I'll just fall in to something! 

Some books on this years reading list!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I really enjoyed writing it, I do love these question kinda things! :)
I tag anyone who wants to do this post! 
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