Small Haul!

Hello everyone!

Guess what?! Tom and I go on holiday tomorrow! Tres excited!

Today I nipped to the shops to pick up some toiletries and have my eyebrows waxed, tinted and my eyelashes tinted so I'm not piling on the makeup all throughout my holiday!

So, unavoidably, some accidental clothes shopping happened in one of the small shops around there. The prices in this particular shop are very reasonable and a few of the things I picked up were in the sale too, I think I spent around £19 altogether! Unfortunately it's not a well known shop or anything so I can't leave a link to anything. Sorry about that!

But I thought I'd show you what I picked up anyway, hope you enjoy!

First up, I bought this Jack Daniels tank top, It's neon yellow, although that's not showing up in the picture, and just has the normal JD print on it. I have some black and white shorts and thought this would look nice paired with them. The material is thin and I like that the neckline isn't too close to the neck...if you know what I mean? haha

Price: £4.99

Next, is this owl tank top, my sister picked one of these up too! It's that mint green colour which seems to be knocking about everywhere nowadays! It's so nice and summery. It's longish so I'll probably wear it with leggings in England too. It's just a really nice top made of the same kind of material as the above top, very thin and summery. I'm not overly keen on the neckline but it's bearable. It'll probably be a night time top!

Price: £3.99

Next is this white tank top with gold 'peace signs' on it. This is probably my least favourite of the tops I picked up. I bought it because it was white and would match anything. It'll look nice with some denim shorts too. Again, it's made of very thin fabric but with this one it looks like it wont take a wash in the washing machine without shrinking :| But, we'll see :)

Price: £4.99

Lastly, I picked up this pink jersey-type top. I know it looks too much to be taking on holiday and originally I just bought it to have for everyday wear, not for holiday. But the material is, again, nice and thin and airy it has a nice wide neckline and baggy sleeves so I just thought it might be nice at the night time with some shorts or maybe if one night it's quite cool (which I don't think it will be) or even if I want to wear it in the pool so I don't burn. So yeah, it's coming with me! :D

Price: £6.99

And that is my mini haul! I really enjoyed going in that little shop and having a mooch around without being flabbergasted at extortionate prices which has been happening all too often recently!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe I've inspired you to go and have a look around some of your local small shops!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love your blog by the way, brilliant photography! :)

  2. I love all of these tops; So cute and cheap. Your blog is fantastic.


    1. Thanks! It's nice to get something cheap and cheerful sometimes isn't it:)
      Love your blog too!

      Leanne x

  3. ooh have a really lovely holiday! im jealous.
    Love that peace top, your gonna look so stylish with all your latest bits! x

  4. thanks! we're having a lovely time! You can't go wrong with them prices can you haha :D x


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