Holiday blues!

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well!

Long time no see, I know, as you may or may not know I was on holiday in Greece last week with Tom. We arrived back in England yesterday (Friday) after the most chilled out and relaxing week ever! 

We really did have a brilliant time, we stayed in Roda, Corfu which is a beautiful place, the apartment we stayed in was as big as a house! The weather was gorgeous, the people were lovely and friendly, we really couldn't have asked for more!

So I thought I'd just show you some pictures and have a little chin wag with you all after my week of zilch-interspace-existance. I have a few more holiday related posts coming soon as well, I wanted to make daily OOTDs but the wifi was very limited and it would have just taken too much time out of each day. I still took the pictures though so look out for my holiday outfits post! I also have a haul post too, just showing some bits and pieces I picked up as presents and some things I bought for myself! :)

Anyway, on with the pictures!

The picture below was taken on the coach on the way to the place we stayed. It was all mountainous, windy roads which make me feel a little ill so I slept for most of the 2 and a half hour journey and Tom took some pictures of the beautiful scenery!

We had a rep meeting that night so these were our first (of many) drinks in the bar :D

You can see below a few snaps of the place we stayed. Very beautiful! It's called the 'Theodoros Fiona Apartments' if I remember correctly. Highly recommended! 

In the above picture, the hut thing you can see across the pool, the second door in on the left is our room!. The room next door was empty all week until the people we met asked if they could stay there on the last night, which they did!

We didn't sunbathe on the beach because in Greece a lot of the beaches aren't sandy, they're pebble beaches. There was a small sandy beach near where we stayed but we didn't really like the look of it but there was also a large sandy beach if you were willing to walk about 45mins to get there but we were happy to sit around the pool! The sea was pretty nonetheless!

I don't know whether anyone else feels the same here but when I'm on holiday I'm always so dubious about the restaurants. I don't know why but I'm always quite nervous about whether it's going to be nice or not :/ 

Anyway, we found this really amazing Tex-Mex place and the steak there was out-of-this-world it really was something else. I had the garlic mustard sirloin steak and it was just so nice haha, so much so that we ate there 4 times! We went one night with some friends we met and they loved it too!

One night the hotel put on a 'Greek night'. It was all Greek themed and they served Greek food (which was definitely not as nice as the steak!) and they had some Greek dancing and music. We were sat with some really nice people but sadly they left the next day :( We also spent a whopping 100euro in the bar that night on cocktails. Totally worth it though!

My favourite cocktail by a million miles was the strawberry daiquiri. Tom and I plan to make these at home too soon, so nice and such a summery drink! 

Tom tried a 'Rainbow' cocktail. I have no idea what was in it but it was horrendous! It looks pretty risky too haha. He also tried a 'Long Island Iced Tea' cocktail (I think thats what it's called) which had about 4 spirits in it. It was tres strong and did not taste nice!

One night we had a pink and purple sun set, it was sooo purdy!

Here is Tom in his hot dog T-Shirt I mentioned in a previous post!

And lastly, the view just after take off on the way home!

The landing back in Manchester was the most terrifying thing ever. We hit Manchester in the middle of a thunder storm so the plane was rocking about everywhere. It was so scary!

Other than the scary landing and a child kicking the back of my seat for the majority of the 3.35 hour journey home (angry times) we had such a brilliant week. We just chilled around the pool all day, it wasn't busy at all so we didn't have to get up early for a sun lounger and the staff there were so friendly! We booked with Olympic and flew with Small Planet airlines which before we went I read really bad reviews about but everything went smoothly for us (thankfully) we have absolutely nothing to complain about!

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this and looking at some of the pictures we took! Let me know if you've been anywhere nice recently I'd love to read about where you've been!

I'm off now to sort out the remainder of my suitcase, boo, and catch up on the YouTube videos I've missed (there are so many)!

See you next time!


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