DIY Home Pedicure

Hi everyone!

Since I go on holiday this Friday (4 days!) I decided to give my feet a good old DIY Pedicure. So I whipped out the foot massager and decided to take you along with me! 

First I like to remove all the nail polish from my toes and clip my toe nails. I don't like to cut them too short because I think they just look better with some length if you're going to have them out in flip-flops and what-not.

Next, I prep the foot massager!

I recently bought the Soap & Glory 'Heel Genius' for my holiday because last time I went away I don't know what happened to my feet but they were not loving life. I shan't go in to detail. So this time I'm going prepared I hope that if I apply this every night before bed it'll keep my feet intact. I'll do a full review when I'm back. 

I thought since that product is made for your feet I should probably put it to some use and put some in the massager to replace shower gel which is what I usually soak my feet in. I like to have the water quite hot, not boiling but hot enough to last a while. There is a heat setting on it but with that you have to have the vibration on too and that's too noisy. It vibrates the whole house.

The heel genius didn't lather up like a shower gel would but it mixed with the water and gave off a really nice scent. I just left my feet soaking in there for probably about half an hour. There is a vibration setting but it makes too much noise so I just had that on for 5 mins and turned it off. There are 4 'massage rollers' at the bottom which you can roll your feet along, they're designed to 'soothe away tension' which I think they do to an extent. When you first put your feet in and use the rollers it feels nice but after a while I just leave my feet to chill :) They prefer that, they told me.

Whilst my feet are chilling in there I tend to make sure I set up the space around me, within reaching distance, with things I want to play with. For example, a bowl of coffee, my laptop, some makeup I want to play with, the nail varnishes I'm making decisions about, things like that, the important stuff.

 OH and don't forget to have a towel handy to dry your feet with after. Once I forgot and was stuck until someone could pass me a towel!

While my feet are soaking I have a little mental X Factor session and eliminate the nail polishes that just don't have the X Factor. 

Today, I went with Models Own 'Sophies Pink' I had no idea it was called that, I'll have to tell my sister she shares her name with a bottle of nail polish ;) 

I paired that with the Maybelline Colour Show Top Coat. So far that has worked really well on my nails so hopefully I won't have to repaint my toes on holiday!

Aaaand this is the final look! My feet feel well and truly pampered and it cost me nothing!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I really enjoyed writing it! And maybe I've inspired you to treat your toes for summer :)

Let me know what you thought in the comment, as always I'd love to hear from you!


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