Holiday Haul, June 2013

Hey everybody :)

Since I came back from my holiday I've been catching up on blog posts and videos on YouTube and I can't believe how many I've missed! I didn't take my laptop away and the wifi there was a bit crappy so I didn't even try to watch any videos. 

Anyway, I'm finally sorted, case is unpacked and back in the loft. Clothes are all washed (thanks to my mother hah) and I'm feeling normal again :) It feels weird after you come back off holiday don't you think? There was only 2 hours time difference but it still messed me up! Poor Tom's back in work today too :( Poor ting!

Anyway, as I said I would, I'm going to show you the things I bought over there as presents or treats for myself, I also have a new charm for my Pandora which Tom bought for me! :D 

Hector's currently sat on my bed watching every move I make I think he's worried I'm going to disappear again.

So, lets get on...

I haven't really been on holiday recently, the last time I went away was 2 years ago on a drinking holiday with some friends and the time before that was when I was 15. Still though, no matter where you go or how ofter you go, the shops sell the same 'holiday' shiz. I don;t mean it offensively but you know what I mean? It's the same thing everywhere! So I tried to keep the presents as un-tacky as I could. Let me know what you think! 

For my mum, I bought her some Greek homemade Strawberry Jam. She has loads of jam in the fridge and she has it quite a lot on toast so I just thought it'd be night to try some Greek jam. She hasn't tried it yet but I'll let you know what she thinks.

I also bought her a bracelet, one of them shamballa bracelets. She's very fond of these she has one in almost every colour so I thought she wouldn't say no to another :)

My dad was the most difficult to buy for. Last time I bought him a cigar and if I looked in his cupboard in the kitchen I'd probably still find it there. He says he's 'saving for when the fat lady sings' (anyone watched Independence Day??) I have no idea when his day is going to be soo...

I was thinking of buying him some normal cigarettes but I think he's trying to stop smoking and I didn't want to encourage him to smoke more. Soooo we ended up with this cool lighter. You don't have to use a lighter just for lighting smokes do you? :) He really likes it!

My sister was buy far the easiest to buy for! I picked up some cool bracelets for her and she really likes them! Winner :D

I originally saw this shell wind chime and bought it for my bedroom. Tom bought the same one for his mum. But after I'd bought this I saw a different one that I liked more which you'll see below. So I decided to give this one to my mum, she put it in the porch (don't mind the cobwebs in the corner oops!) and I think it looks nice. We usually hang Halloween and Christmas decorations there.

And lastly on the present front, I couldn't leave Hector out could I? :D

I saw this cool ornament in one of the shops and thought it would look good in his tank and the glitter on it suits him right down to the ground ;) You can see him eyeing it up in the second picture, the little rascal!

Now on to things I bought for myself...

I bought some cool costume jewellery, it's all pretty cheap on holiday for things like this but in England you'd pay so much more for them :/ 

I've already worn the green and blue bracelets, you can see them in THIS OOTD.

I'm not too keen on wearing rings, I like the look of them and I do put them on sometimes but I always end up taking them off. I just get fed up of them being on my hand but I saw the silver sparkly one you can see in the picture and I really liked it so I picked it up anyway. Hopefully you'll see it in an OOTD soon.

Below you can see the other wind chime I found after the shell one. I know it's not as colourful as the other one but I prefer the sound it makes and it looks better in my room :) What do you think? I hang it in the middle of the curtain rail it looks good, trust me :D

Lastly, Tom bought me a new charm for my bracelet and I love it! It's kind of got a crisscross design in the middle and it looks good with my other one :D It's a different coloured metal than my heart charm but they still suit each other.

So that's wrapped up my holiday haul :) I'm glad everyone liked their presents even Hector's got used to his new ornament in his tank. Tom's also printing off a vinyl background for his tank soon so the polystyrene b/g I made last year for him will be coming out. Let's see when he makes of that haha.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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