Barry M Confetti Nail Paint 2 Liquorice, Review!

Hello everyone :)

It's review time!

As I mentioned in my previous haul post, which you can see HERE, I mentioned that my Mum bought the Barry M Confetti Nail Polish Confetti 2 in Liquorice and that I'd give it a go to show you all.

I really like the effect this nail polish gives but I very much think it's a 'top coat'. So first of all, I put a plain black nail polish from MaxFactor on for some colour.

The nail polish is actually full of confetti so you only really need one coat of it to cover your nails which I was really pleased with. I find with most glitter/effect polishes you have to keep going over it to actually got something out. That's not the case with this polish.

You can see the finished look below:

I chose black as my base colour but I'm sure this would look good under any colour, I'm thinking neon green!

I also used the Maybelline Color Show top coat because I've discovered that it makes your nail polish stay on significantly longer. I don't think I'd ever apply nail polish without it now!

The formula isn't overly thick, you can definitely layer it without it feeling clumpy. However, it does leave a slightly textured feel on the nail even with a top coat which some people may not like. Considering the black nail polish I put on first with the nail effect and a top coat it all dryed very fast which is always a positive! 

You can buy this nail polish at Superdrug for £3.99 HERE.

Would I recommend this product? yes.
Would I repurchase this product? yes, in more colours.

Let me know what you think if you've tried this nail polish and what colours you've paired it with!

Thanks for reading!


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